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Android Apps Development Services

ANDROID - The Fastest Growing Mobile Application Platform

Android is a framework, a software platform and an Operating System developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Built on open source platform provided by Linux supports Java language.

In today’s race for being the most sought after Mobile Application Development platform, Android is clearly emerging as the winner. Some of the factors that have contributed to the growth of Android at an impressive rate of 32 per cent per month are:

  • The open –source nature of the Android Operating System
  • By not differentiating between the phone’s core applications and third party applications the area of application categories available on Android is huge
  • The multitasking functionality of Android platform enables the efficient functioning of any kind of application simultaneously without affecting the performance
  • Application framework that enables the reuse and replacement of components
  • Development environment enriched with advanced features in the form of debugging tools, memory and performance profiling, device emulator and plugin for Eclipse IDE
  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D Graphics Library
  • Integrated browser based on open source WebKit engine
  • Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices
  • Libraries for image, audio and video files
  • Advanced functional features of Touch Screen, GPS, Accelerometer, Video Camera and Magnetometer
  • GSM Telephony
  • Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi
  • SQLite for Data Storage
  • Fully customizable devices using Android
  • Availability on any kind of cell phone network expands its reach amongst the subscriber base.

These factors have provided the developers with a rich development environment with access to core mobile functionality and the use of standard API labels.

Why Suntec Digital as your preferred Android Apps Development Company?

Experience of working on Mobile Application Development Platforms:
The developers at Suntec Digital have been working with various mobile application development platforms and this gives them an understanding of the processes for creating mobile applications from scratch, testing in a simulator and porting of the application to the other devices. The Android developers at Suntec Digital use the core applications of Android SDK to develop progressive applications by reusing Framework APIs.

Knowledge about the Latest in Android Application Development World:
Suntec Digital encourages its developers to learn about the newest development happening in the area of mobile application development. Comprehensive training sessions are organized in the office and the developers are also encouraged to attend seminars and workshops to keep them up-to-date with the latest technological happenings. These efforts taken by Suntec Digital has made our Developers knowledgeable about Android Application Framework, Android Runtime, Linux Kernel, Java, C and C++ languages, System C Libraries, Media Libraries, LibWebCore, 3D Libraries, SQLite and FreeType.

Expertise in the working and execution of the Applications on Mobile Devices:
The Developers at Suntec Digital offer thorough customization at the OS level itself. The developers are aware that for the popularity and most frequent download of an application on a Android run device, care must be taken to customize the application at the OS level, user interface with Android Widget Toolbox must be created, data storage, retrieval and sharing techniques as provided by Android must be adhered to, IPC must be created using AIDL and then the Applications must be signed off and published.

Cost-Efficiency Advantage:
Once you decide to assign the Android Application Development project to Suntec Digital, you are put in direct contact with the Project manager supervising your assignment. He keeps a check on the development being made by developers made on the application, checks with you on any queries and gives you constant updates. This open line of communication between you and Suntec Digital ensures that the scope of mistakes and revisions is significantly cut down and you are able to make substantial cost savings.

To know more about how Suntec Digital Developers can help you bring into light that brainchild of yours and become the most sought after Application Providers; get in touch with us today.

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“In the beginning of 2009, Tapir Academic Press decided on going digital. Tapir mainly publishes academic literature, incl. technical subjects with complex page layout and vast amounts of figures, tables and formulas. In our search for a supplier of conversion services, we tested a range of firms and businesses, and concluded that Suntec India were the ones delivering the best results. Since then we have been collaborating with Suntec on our conversion needs, and we have been very pleased with their work. Suntec India has proved to be reliable, fast and cost efficient.”

-Yngve Syrtveit, Editor and
Developer of Digital Learning
Facilities, Tapir Academic Press

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