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Mobile Apps Development Company

The "Y" Generation Buzzzzzzzzword

Mobile Application development has been the buzzword since the birth of the very first Java enabled phone. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon of this new bubble for developing application software for handheld devices like PDAs or mobile phones.

Suntec Digital also thought of taking a share in the pie. What has contributed in the sustained growth of Suntec Digital while many others have slipped in developing mobile applications has been the expertise of our programmers in not just understanding the different software architecture required for such developments, but also catering to the diverse preferences of customers using different kinds of application.

Mobile Application Development Process is a model-driven process that concentrates on the type of application, structure of application, logical algorithms, and application’s graphical user interface. Mobile software applications can be run on almost all hardware platforms with the exception of Blackberry and iPhone Mobile Applications.

Suntec Digital has been catering to the international community for the development of Mobile Application Software either for Multi-Vendor Devices or Single-Vendor Devices:

Mobile Apps Development Services

  • Business Apps
  • eBook Apps
  • Children Book/Comics Apps
  • Games and Multimedia Apps
  • News Apps
  • Social Networking and Blogs Apps
  • Kids Apps
  • Educational Apps

Giving wings to your ideas!!!

The Apps Developers at Suntec Digital have been helping many people not just establish a new business in the area of mobile applications but also continued to act as the most trusted partners for continued growth of the established players in this industry.

So if you have any burgeoning idea on Application Development and you want to give it some concrete shape – think no further – Get in touch with us today!

Our Apps Developers with first understand the idea you have, work in close co-ordination with you, come up with ideas best suited for your application and deliver the end product. Your idea remains yours…we just give it wings.

Scalability and Economic Advantage

The high-tech infrastructure, access to the latest technical innovations, up-to-date information on the current developments in the Apps Development area gives us the advantage of offering you our services at low-cost, quality enriched that can be scaled as per the demand from the client. Besides, long years of experience in developing reusable applications and codes enables us to deliver the projects with a fast turnaround and within your estimated budgets.

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“In the beginning of 2009, Tapir Academic Press decided on going digital. Tapir mainly publishes academic literature, incl. technical subjects with complex page layout and vast amounts of figures, tables and formulas. In our search for a supplier of conversion services, we tested a range of firms and businesses, and concluded that Suntec India were the ones delivering the best results. Since then we have been collaborating with Suntec on our conversion needs, and we have been very pleased with their work. Suntec India has proved to be reliable, fast and cost efficient.”

-Yngve Syrtveit, Editor and
Developer of Digital Learning
Facilities, Tapir Academic Press

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