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ePublishing Solutions for Law Firms

Drive Business Value through Digital Publishing, and Make Your Case!

ePublishing Solutions for Law Firms/Legal Industry

In legal services industry where content and information are fundamental to business, SunTec Digital helps law firms and publishers make their documents ready for multi-channel publishing and distribution for improved collaboration, productivity and profitability

Publish Across Channels, Leverage Metadata, and Make your Content More Accessible

SunTec Digital is one of the front-runners in helping law firms realize the benefits of digital content production, format conversion, XML transformation, and semantic tagging, delivering searchable, editable and intelligently formatted documents and information assets designed for platform-independent rendering.

When you work with us, we provide you with everything from legal research, word processing, to content transformation - enabling efficiency, and bringing in instantaneous and assessable improvements to your bottom line.

We work with several law firms, legal publishers, lawyers, librarians, judges, law professors around the world that send us copies of their case files, legal documents, legislative resources, databases, collections and archives, etc., for digitizing and managing documents without incurring errors or security lapses. Holding experience in both US and UK law, we are adept at processing and digitizing large-volumes of legal documents and code materials for use in legal actions. Further, we can scale our operations to manage significant spikes in production volumes. We also help you manage, digitize and produce high-quality document reviews, deposition summaries, transcriptions and medical record digests.

Digitization Solutions for Legal Records, Journals & Archives

SunTec Digital delivers a full suite of legal support services and solutions, such as:

Document Conversion/ Formatting

To simplify distribution, storage and retrieval of critical data, SunTec offers a fully customizable documents conversion/formatting services from any source format into HTML, XML, PDF or any other format of your choice.

Digitization of Legal Journals & Archives

SunTec Digital has the expertise in working with most of the Schemas and DTDs used for scholarly legal publications. We convert from a variety of source files, including printed, scanned or electronic formats, into searchable and fully-tagged files in compliance with set standards or proprietary specifications.

Word Processing

We can help you type, format and process all types of legal documents like contracts, employment agreements, leases, wills & trusts, etc., ensuring usage of the most appropriate format, font face, font size and page layout. We apply suitable templates, borders and techniques to design the documents in tune with your requirements.

Legal Document Coding & Indexing

SunTec provides both objective and subjective coding of documents (bibliographic coding and indexing, logical document determinations), along with high quality cataloging or indexing of legal documents for easy retrieval.

Trial Graphics, Presentations and Animations

We can help you present your data and evidence with vivid and striking graphics and presentations.

Legal Documents Abstraction

To reduce the time it takes to input complex contracts, lease agreements, SEC filings, etc., SunTec helps you abstract or summarize their full contents in lease abstract records. We work on templates created by our expert team and/or provided by the client.

Deposition Summaries

Our subject matter experts create concise clerical digest of the key points of a deposition transcript. Further, the copies are checked for spelling and grammatical errors, and rectified if any found. Our Quality Control analysts review the summaries and deliver them in your preferred file format.

SunTec Digital can also help law firms with access-control protections by implementing – digital rights management to safeguard case files and other confidential information from getting mishandled, lost, stolen, misplaced, misfiled, or deliberately copied and shared with unauthorized individuals, as in the case of print material.

We strictly comply with HIPAA guidelines and are ISO certified for quality and information security management, ensuring that your business-critical data and confidential legal information is completely protected and secure.

Getting Started!

With our combined expertise in knowledge-based services and document digitization, we can help you meet all your legal support requirements without compromising on quality and turnaround. To know more, please get in touch with us today!