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ePub Conversion Services

With rich experience of over a decade, the conversion team at SunTec Digital is well equipped to deliver digital ebook conversion services that would allow you to publish any ebook in different formats including Amazon Kindle Format, Sony Reader format, iPhone and iPad format.

ePub Formatting Services

ePub comprises of three open standards, the OPF (Open Packaging Format), OPS(Open Publication Structure), and OCF (Open Container Format ). Being an open standard, it allows inter-operability between hardware and software for unencrypted reflow-able and resizable digital content.

As the trend of reading ebooks is regaining popularity, ePub format is also becoming the preferred industry standard world-wide. More and more publishers and authors are now developing their books in ePub ebook format over other formats available.

What We Offer

SunTec Digital allows you to tap the demands of an ever-increasing tech-savvy audience. Google ebook Store run by Google offers a universal access and non-restrictive copying. Our ePub ebooks are Google ebook store (formerly called Google Editions) compatible.

Our ePub Creation Services include:

  • Providing a flexible cover page that is empowered to perfectly fit into any size of ebook device screen.
  • Index formatting with appropriate tagging and linking of TOC (Table of Contents).
  • Removal of original page number, headers/footers.
  • Complex data formatting for children’s books, STM publications, 3 column formatting, magazines, journals, books etc.
  • Proofing of images and illustrations to ensure they are appropriately resized.Implementing Journals/Articles, bibliographic citations, links etc. into ebooks, and creating shortcuts/hyperlinks for the same.
  • Re-pagination of the entire book by chapter and content.
  • embedding of audio and video files in ePub

Advantages of using our ePub Conversion Services:

  • Suitable ePub formatting with attention to details. We try making your ebooks better than the real ones.
  • Lower costs by deploying one system to manage, combine, transform and publish the entire electronic content.
  • Speed up time to market by converting information across every platform.
  • Deploy consistently laid out processes for quality conversions.
  • Trial Offer: We offer a sample (trial) job without cost or obligation to give valuable insight into our high quality conversion service and quick turnaround time, before embarking on the entire project. Send us your Book and we will return to you, a few chapters of your title in high-quality ePub format

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ePub ebook Readers:

  • Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Sony Reader (Touch Edition, PRS-505, Pocket Edition & Daily Edition)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook eReader
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Kobo eReader
  • IREX Digital Reader (DR-800)
  • Cool ER Reader
  • Bookeen Cybook Opus
  • Bookworm online ePub ebook Reader
  • Be Book One, Be Book Mini, Be Book Neo
  • Ectaco jetBook
  • Elonex 511EB 5” ebook Reader
  • iRiver Story ebook Reader
  • Astak ebook Reader
  • NUUT Reader
  • Asus ebook Reader

Our ePub Conversion Formats include:

SunTec Digital offers a comprehensive suite of conversion services to carefully handle virtually any format and create ebooks in ePub format.

  • PDF to ePub Conversion
  • Word to ePub Conversion
  • Mobipocket / Kindle to ePub Conversion
  • HTML to ePub Conversion
  • TXT to ePub Conversion
  • Adobe InDesign to ePub Conversion
  • Printed Books, material, hard copy to ePub Conversion
  • Scanned documents to ePub Conversion
  • XML to ePub Conversion
  • RTF to ePub Conversion
  • QuarkXPress to ePub Conversion