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ePub Conversion Services

ePub – an XML format file extension – .epub, is used for producing re-flowable digital publications and books. (ePub 3 is used for producing Fixed Layout Books.) Being an open and standard format, ePub offers consumers' interoperability between hardware and software.

SunTec Digital provides ePub and ePub3 Conversion and Formatting Services adhering to the IDPF standards. We accept all source formats - MS Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, 3B2, XML, HTML, or any other – and convert them into digital books and publications which can be read on most eReaders like Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, Android based mobile devices besides several others that support .epub files.

ePub Formatting Services

ePub comprises of three open standards, the OPF (Open Packaging Format), OPS(Open Publication Structure), and OCF (Open Container Format ). Being an open standard, it allows inter-operability between hardware and software for unencrypted reflow-able and resizable digital content.

As the trend of reading ebooks is regaining popularity, ePub format is also becoming the preferred industry standard worldwide. More and more publishers and authors are now developing their books in ePub ebook format over other formats available.

What We Offer

SunTec Digital allows you to tap the demands of an ever-increasing, tech-savvy audience. Google ebook Store run by Google offers a universal access and non-restrictive copying. Our ePub ebooks are Google ebook store (formerly called Google Editions) compatible.

Our ePub Creation Services include:

Advantages of using our ePub Conversion Services:

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