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Custom eBook Development With 4-Column Page Layout

Custom eBook Development

Client’s Requirements

Here is a summary of what the client was expecting from us:

  • Conversion for a book of more than 1000 pages within two weeks.
  • To produce an engaging and interactive fixed-layout eBook.
  • The eBook must include graphics, images, footnotes on each page, hyperlinks for the references, and videos.
  • Conversion into an eBook that is easily readable and smooth in navigating from one page to another and one corner to another.
  • The designed eBook layout must provide a joyful and interactive reading experience to the audience.
  • The eBook should be supportable for all types of reading devices irrespective of size and version.
  • Experts must not forget that some of the pages have information in the tabulated form of four columns. The eBook needed to be developed in the same pattern without adjusting the table.

Project Background

The eBook design that the client wanted us to produce was very complicated. They were looking for a reliable eBook creation services provider at a very affordable price. The content of their book was not in the standard format of eBook, so the content needed to be redeveloped in a suitable eBook layout as per their business requirements and eBook type. Basically, the client wanted experts to turn out their content into an interactive eBook, not like a continuous wall of words.

When the client came across SunTec Digital’s official website and went through our case studies and testimonials, they found us a reliable and affordable outsourcing company. Our team of professionals tirelessly worked on the client’s project for more than two weeks and delivered the best services.

Challenges faced by experts while developing fixed-layout eBook

This project of converting PDF into a fixed-layout eBook was challenging and time-taking, unlike any other similar project. As the experts had to type down each word into eBook convertible form and design a complicated layout.

  • As many of the pages had tables consisting of four columns, it took a lot of time to redesign the suitable eBook format.
  • The book that we imported from the client was in PDF format and the font size used for the texts was very small. Hence, experts had to spend a lot of time reading and type down the same.
  • As it was a very lengthy book, there were too many references. Interlinkings had to be done so smartly that when the users read the text the interlinks should not be found in the wrong places.
  • A heavy eBook may take a longer time to download on a reading device. To provide a smoother reading experience, it was important to upload several trial tests to see if the conversion is successfully done.

Against all the odds, our book-as-an-app developers embraced the challenges and overcame them successfully. Let’s read in detail.

Our solutions

Go through the below-mentioned points and learn how our experts excelled in developing a complex eBook in fixed-layout format.

  • First of all, our topmost priority was to keep the client's content secured. Our professionals made sure that the PDF is protected from unauthorized access. After importing the document, they proofread the book and made it error-free.
  • The eBook layout created by the talented developers was well embedded with multimedia elements such as images, graphs, references, and more. The layout was very pleasing in the eyes of readers and enriched with engaging content.
  • Total time of two weeks and 2 days was given to this project solely. As it was a very lengthy book, experts had to deal with a lot of titles, sub-titles, headers, and texts. But, every aspect of content has been taken care of. Even if one page had more than one subtitle, experts made sure that texts were scannable and easily readable.
  • One of the most important points to be remembered, the tables of four columns. We kept the tables intact and did not adjust the columns. Specialists tried to embed the table as per the client's requirements.
  • When the client's PDF was converted into a fixed-layout eBook, our focus was on its extensive content quality.
  • To make sure that the converted eBook is accessible on all the types of reading devices, our experts tested the same format with different supportable devices such as iBook, Kobo, and Readium.
  • We could successfully deliver the required eBook creation services on time because we split the tasks into different teams of experts. That is how the project was completed before the deadline of 16 days.
  • While delivering the converted fixed-layout eBook to the client, we provided login credentials of the document. As the eBook was protected with DRM security to avoid unauthorized access.

Our experts did a commendable job that impressed the client. Our reliable eBook creation services helped the client throughout at a very minimal price.

Final results

As the client was not a professional eBook converter and neither had much knowledge of ePublishing, it was a challenging job for them also to make us understand their requirements. But, our expert’s good communication and technical skills came in handy to understand the required format. When we worked on the project and delivered it to the client, they simply loved it. Because they found their converted eBook exactly how they expected, even better. They believed that our fixed-layout eBook conversion services can be trusted in the future as well.

The project delivered by us not only added value to their brand name but also brought huge success and positive results. The client could expand their business with confidence and professionalism. Their success and positive feedback helped us to be motivated throughout while working on any project.

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