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SunTec Digital has gained significant expertise working with some of the world's biggest names in publishing and media, including Encyclopedia Britannica (India), University of Virginia Press (USA), UPNE (UK), Trident Media Group (USA), Volante (Sweden), WHO (Italy), Schattauer (Germany), etc. We deliver end-to-end ePublishing and content transformation solutions - digital content management, development, distribution, preservation and analysis of content and documents to organizations for long-term usage.

Well-resourced with the right mix of subject matter experts, XML-first workflows, technology know-how and advanced tools, we are adept at providing complete suite of smart interactive digital content development services including eBooks, websites, apps, catalog app, DRM based apps, eBook readers, uploading/distribution to all major retailers, etc.

Our digital content solutions aim to create content that sells and clicks with your target audiences. Create amazing digital content with SunTec Digital’s state of the art solutions. Whatever message you want to convey through your text, SunTec Digital will help you achieve your vision. Do more and witness your brand grow by the day.

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With Digital & Content Transformation - Interact With Information in New, Intuitive, and Powerful Ways & Across Platforms!

SunTec Digital brings to the table a wealth of cross-industry experience in delivering custom digital publishing solutions across the globe. We offer a range of services, including:

The interactive digital content management services company SunTec Digital has the requisite know-how for transforming books, product documents, STM journals, academic content, children's literature, archival content, manuscripts, etc. into various easy-to-access

along with XML formats such as PubMed, TEI, XBRL, DTBook, S1000D - marked with XML labels and metadata attributes.

Multi-Purpose Publishing

By leveraging HTML5 semantics in EPUB3 along with CSS3 in order to develop interactive eBooks having a responsive page design, we help you convert your content into the intended format, publish, and make it accessible across multiple channels.

Online Platform support

Our ePublishing solutions support diverse platforms like VitalSource, Readium and LMS course assembly, thus making it easier for you to deliver content to your target audience.

Rich Media Support and Development

To meet the increasing technology challenges, we can help you convert Flash files into HTML5, complete with HTML5 interactive graphics and build interactive custom widgets that support all major desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Content Transformation Workflow Management

The task oriented workflows at SunTec Digital make it easy to create step-by-step processes for pre-press, design, and production workflows. Our ePublishing workflow management is largely defined by the type of content, source file, your preferred document conversion format, the scope for media and interactivity, the device(s) on which the content is likely to be displayed, distribution channels, etc.

Quality and Testing Services

Our Quality Assurance experts test your finished eBook on different devices and readers. We make sure that your files are accurate and ready for submission to Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Besides getting your content file converted into your preferred eBook format, SunTec Digital, being a digital content management service provider can also help you submit it to Amazon, iBookstore, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.

Clients benefit from our highly collaborative approach, advanced technology, extensive know-how and significantly shorter turnaround times from concept to deliverable.

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While the proliferation of electronic devices, smartphones, tablets and eReaders, has made it crucial to deliver digital content to the tech-savvy audience, the task can be best performed by experts. To learn more about our interactive digital content solutions, kindly drop us a line at and we will get back to you shortly.

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