Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

Improve Reader Experience with Rich Multimedia eBooks

Enhanced EPUB Conversion Services

Let SunTec Digital help you turn your static, complex content into interactive and enhanced eBooks with embedded audio and video that ensure greater levels of engagement.

We leverage best-in-class software for enhanced eBook conversion services to produce platform-agnostic, interactive, and illustrated eBooks in KF8/EPUB3 with HTML5 and CSS3 to make it easy for the users to access rich media and content, on the go. Essaying the role of a multimedia eBook creator, our teams can proficiently add multimedia content like 3D animations, fluid diagrams, and graphics, sound effects, videos, etc., as well as interactive elements like games, quizzes & puzzles that keep readers engaged and deepen the impact of the written words.

SunTec Digital’s expert EPUB conversion services ensure that everything is perfectly in place as far as the content and components of your eBook are concerned. All the interactive elements are tested rigorously, as is the finalized content to be displayed. A highly specialized team of engineers, graphic designers, and content specialists come together to provide you with the best solutions for your digital publishing needs.

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Outsource Enhanced eBook Conversion Services: Add Creativity & Engagement to Your Content

When it comes to creating enhanced eBooks that can deliver a richer reading experience for children’s picture books, educational/instructional texts, academic books loaded with charts and diagrams, STM content, photography books, travel guides, edutainment books, cookbooks, health & medical education, magazines, etc., SunTec Digital covers the whole publishing chain for transforming your content, right from:

  • Integrating interactive components such as quizzes and exercises & assessments, programmed in JavaScript, including (but not limited to):
    • True or False
    • Match the Following
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Ranking & Sequencing
    • Categorizing
    • Matrix Completion
    • Yes/ No with Explanation
    • Alternate Choice
    • Media Distractors
    • Video Demonstrations
    • Single Numerical Design
    • Glossary Pop-Ups
    • Multiple Answers
  • Producing fixed layout eBooks for rich and faithful reproduction of the print elements
  • Embedding audio and video using HTML5
  • Incorporating animation effects using CSS3
  • Creating read-aloud eBooks, synchronizing text and images with the narrated audio of an eBook
  • Including collapsible ToC to make navigation smooth, and hidden searchable text to make selective reading more convenient
  • Linking the content to external references
  • Linking the content internally with footnotes, cross-references, indexes, annotations, etc.
  • Supplementing the content with semantic tagging to ensure interoperability and accessibility

With SunTec Digital, Exploit the Full Potential of the Enhanced EPUB3 Format

Our team of content developers, instructional and interactive designers, HTML5 specialists, and digital testers work together to produce quality interactive eBooks with a user-friendly interface and various functionalities. As part of our interactive eBook development services, we follow a three-phase process, discussed below:

Editorial and Design Analysis

This step includes organizing and preparing content for digital layout and adding elements such as headers, unit/ chapter/ section openers, side notes, embedded readers, list & bullet styles, references, annotations, card structure, etc., as well as media features like animations, graphics, visual effects, audio & video clips and more.

Digital Composition and Development

Our teams of HTML5 specialists produce eBooks and program all interactive elements to be added in the content.

Testing and Quality Assurance

While rendering enhanced eBook conversion services, we crosscheck the converted content against the source file to ensure utmost accuracy. Further, the eBook is made to undergo stringent quality checks, accessibility, UI/UX, compliance, and cross-platform testing.

We finally conduct an eBook audit to make sure that it meets the publisher-defined quality standards.

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To determine how SunTec Digital can help you build enhanced and interactive eBooks at cost-efficient prices, get a FREE SAMPLE job done on a no-cost-no-obligation basis today! You can also drop us a line at info@suntecdigital.com and we shall get back to you in the shortest time frame to answer all your queries related to enhanced eBook conversion services.

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