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Looking for a fresh and engaging way for children to learn, the client, a global leader in educational publishing, with products in many media, including print, online and mobile devices, wanted to transform its educational content into interactive course material for diverse disciplines, including Science and Mathematics. Client's objective was to bring to market educational resources that provided not only structured curriculum, but interactivity and flexibility to students, together with secure availability across multiple delivery channels.


The client partnered with SunTec Digital to breathe life into their digital textbooks that were otherwise static. With SunTec's robust solution centric approach, right from project discovery and analysis, designing the layout, copyediting, page composition, proof reading, graphic reproduction, adding interactivity and animations to producing electronic deliverables, the client could go from concept to operational product in a short period of 6 months.

  • Using the HTML5 and EPUB for Education standards, SunTec Digital built workflows that smoothly and accurately transformed diverse mathematics and scientific expressions and equations into the appropriate XML markup.
  • Smoothly supported mathematical content, for instance, stacked equations, long division, representations for visual mathematics (e.g., tables, graphs, diagrams, number lines), and geometrical figures.
  • Incorporated 450+ animations to help explain scientific phenomenon and processes
  • Added 112 interactive learning exercises
  • Added pop-ups, hot-spots, built-in dictionary and definitions, etc.
  • Introduced 82 interactive quizzes, educational games, puzzles, and self-testing exercises
  • 72 end of chapter assessments and 60 unit test prep activities
  • Line-by-line annotations to support students through problem-solving
  • Consistent adoption and support for MathML for use in multiple rendering environments, including mobile reading devices, web browsers and apps.
  • Developed a DRM enabled eReader platform for secure distribution of course content deterring infringement or redistribution of content to non-secure platforms


  • SunTec Digital brought together an experienced team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, HTML5 developers, and ePublishing experts to work with the client, supporting its comprehensive curriculum for Science and Math for grades 1 through 9 in a limited time-frame.
  • Leveraging advanced technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and EPUB for Education format to deliver an interactive learning experience across a variety of devices, SunTec Digital's immersive and enhanced learning solutions are changing the way school children interact with Math and Science.
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