Portfolio: eBook Cover Design

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Portfolio: eBook Cover Design

With the success of the eBook solely depending on the thumbnail image of the eBook's cover shown in search results and listings, it is vital that the cover design must be enticing and professionally laid out. At SunTec Digital, we create captivating eBook cover designs capable of representing your book with an impact. We offer eBook cover design services to authors and publishers at prices which suit all budgets.

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We have a team of artistic and creative designers who can create hand-drawn illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and other image editing software to capture the essence of your writing on the eBook's cover. They can bring your idea to life or use their creativity and turn abstract concepts into alluring imagery.

We will first ask you to give us a brief on the design. Following which, we'll send you our designs for reviewing. After your approval, we will either provide you a high resolution JPEG image or a print-ready file.

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A professionally designed cover can make the difference between a reader's second look and skipping to more striking covers. To make sure that the reader selects your eBook, avail our eBook cover design services. Kindly get in touch with us for a deeper understanding of our eBook Cover Design Services.

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