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Educational App for Android Tablet Computers


Project: Android App for Tablet PC

Industry: Education

Client: Leading Academic Publisher, Nigeria

The client needed Educational App for Android Tablet Computers focused on Secondary Schools allowing high school students to engage in self-study by reading textbooks, viewing recorded classroom lectures and attempting question papers from previous years – preloaded on an SD card.

User Interface of the Application: The screen layout needed to be simple and user-friendly – similar to web like presentation indicating the following contents:

  • Textbooks – Bookshelf of available textbooks
  • Videos – Video content on various subjects
  • Tests – Previous years' and sample question papers for self-test

Key Challenges:

  • Ensuring data protection to secure the contents against piracy and copyright violation
  • Maintaining inimitability of the app to ascertain that it runs only on the designated Android Tablet
  • Ensuring data compression to house textual and image content as well as video recordings, so that all the data gets accommodated on the SD card
  • Tackling complex formatting as the academic curriculum contained numerous scientific and mathematical texts comprising bullet points, nested lists, superscript, special characters, boxed text, labeled diagrams, charts and graphics, an intricate table of contents, etc.


SunTec Digital developed an apps pertaining to Personal Educational Tablet for Secondary Schools (PETSS) using Android OS technology. The Android app development team at SunTec Digital ensured that the PETSS could efficiently operate both in an offline mode due to limited or non-availability of good Internet access in the country, as well as it had online capability via WIFI and GSM 3G – for updates and maintenance.

Our Approach in Developing Personal Educational Tablet for Secondary Schools (PETSS)

  • The data was recorded on the SD card in a compressed and encrypted format that can be decrypted by the App only. We designed the App in such a way that it would run only on the designated Android Tablet and the content would not be readable without the App.
  • When initialized, this interface provided the users with options to access the various forms of media content stored on the Micro SD Card. Three options were presented: Textbooks, Video or Tests. When activated, the App displays icons from which the user can select any of the following functions:
    • Access the Library and read any of the Textbooks
    • Access the video library and watch the classroom videos
    • Conduct Practice Tests
  • Textbook Library: The system displays a bookshelf of all available textbooks arranged in alphabetic order of the subjects. The user can select whichever title or article they want to read. We also ascertained that the format allowed for the books to be encrypted and decrypted by our native apps.
  • Video Library: The App displays a list of available subject recordings, and within subject recordings – an array of related filmed content – from which the students can select the desired one. The selection is then played back for the student. The required video can also be selected via a search option.
  • Practice Test: The student is presented with a list of Practice Tests from which the student selects the exam body they require. The users can select a particular year or a subject of which they want to give the test. There are two types of tests – written subjective and multiple-choice questions. The user can attempt the latter type and have them graded immediately. Incorrect answers are indicated with the correctly listed answer. The system presents students with the option to take previous years' tests or generate a fresh test with random questions that follow the format of whichever exam body the student chooses.
  • User Registration: Every student with the Tablet is registered. The first time when the students activate the application, they are redirected to a Bio-data page. The registration details collected include Name, Address, School details, Phone Number, Email address. The details can be captured at the school and forwarded to MKC, or can be individually entered online by the student.


  • Data Protection: As the contents were to be stored on an external SD-card, we developed a robust protection mechanism.
  • Data Compression: As the video content consumed substantial storage, we compressed the data to the barest minimum so that the SD card could accommodate all the data.
  • Program Flow Process: We designed an appealing, graphic user interface for the apps.
  • Bookshelf of all available textbooks
  • Hundreds of video recordings each lasting a few minutes are prerecorded on an SD card in encrypted format.
  • Tests are available for different exam bodies. A databank of previous test questions is preloaded on the SD Card.
  • To make the app secure and available only to the targeted student body, students can use the Tablet only after the complete Registration.
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