ePublishing Portfolio: K12/ Educational

Leveraging HTML5 and ePublishing technologies to integrate learning, assessment and performance!

ePublishing Portfolio: K12/ Educational

The explosion of interactive learning apps both for young learners as well as at K12 level is not surprising. With audio narration, text highlighting and magnification, embedded multimedia, animations, background music, and interactive elements, etc., there is high demand and high appeal, adding a lot of flair and interactive digital experiences to a young learner’s eBook.

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We present you with a selection of our K12/ Educational projects:

With an in-depth understanding of various ePublishing formats, our eBook conversion specialists ensure that the eBook closely matches the source file in terms of formatting, animations, graphs, diagrams, tables, and all the other necessary elements.

Our team of professionals can handle all the intricacies of the eBook conversion process meticulously. They make sure that the deadline is honored and the project is completed within the budget.

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To ask us for a free quote on our K12/ Educational EPUB Conversion Services, kindly write to us at info@suntecdigital.com.

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