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XML Conversion

Project:XML Conversion

Industry:Media Publishing Company

Client: Media 24, South Africa

Media 24 is Africa's leading publishing group that offers round the clock information and entertainment. The company's operations involve newspapers, magazines, internet businesses, book publishing, printing plants and distribution companies.

Since the group is spread across various functions and businesses, Media 24 has been facing huge difficulty at capturing on to online market share. Digitizing their most preferred magazines and publications would enable them to open up a new revenue stream.

Client Requirements:

The client approached us for the conversion of their lifestyle and fashion magazine, True Love, into the XML format. The client sent us scanned copies of the magazine and specified a detailed set of DTD to be followed for the successful conversion process.

Having indulged in a varied set of operations, Media 24 did not want to venture further into digitization of their printed magazines as they knew it was a critical business function. Media 24 decided to fill up the gap and obtain speed to market by outsourcing digitization of its magazine, True Love, to SunTec Digital. In addition to this, by working with SunTec Digital, they would be able to take advantage of company's extensive experience in XML conversion.

Key Challenges:

  • A detailed set of client specified DTD had to be followed for the successful conversion process
  • Applying the OCR technique the data from scanned documents had to be extracted
  • The entire text had to be proofread to ascertain complete textual accuracy
  • The images and illustrations required high level of optimization as per the defined standards

Counting on the impressive work done by SunTec Digital on the first project from the client, SunTec Digital has been awarded another project of XML conversion of two very popular magazines "FHM" and "Move!"


Powered by high grade capturing system that includes an advanced OCR engine and the OCR to XML conversion tool for a comprehensive XML conversion process, SunTec Digital provided supreme quality scanned docuemtn to XML conversion services.

SunTec Digital recognized the need to digitize the supplied scanned documents under a tight timeframe. Once the scanned files were delivered to SunTec Digital, we applied our highly efficient optical character recognition software to recognize the text data. After converting the text to an electronic format, team SunTec Digital performed online proofing and spell-check before conducting actual encoding with the text with XML tags.

In addition to this, further quality checks were performed to ensure that that files were accurately converted to XML format.


The services provided by SunTec Digital had an immediate impact on Media 24's bottom line margins. Extremely pleased with our services, Media 24 immediately established further alliance and awarded us additional project of XML conversion of two of its very popular magazines – FHM and Move!

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