A Deeper Dive Into Digital Printing: Things You Ought To Know

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Digital printing is a new age technique of preparing and producing prints from electronic files. The process involves creating artwork on a computer and then printing it directly onto the material of your choice. It is the perfect alternative to the conventional methods of printing, including letterpress, gravure, flexography, lithography, among a plethora of other methods. Digital printing helps in eliminating most of the mechanical steps required to carry out the traditional printing process, such as making plates, stripping the pieces together, making films and color proofs, to name a few.

If you insist on high amounts of detail and are on the lookout for smaller quantity orders, then digital printing is the right choice to make. The process of digital printing does not involve any pre-press stages as in the case of traditional printing. Also, unlike conventional printing methods, digital printing does not involve the use of formatting equipment such as film plates, photo chemicals, etc., which are known to make the process rather messy. With digital printing, your digital document files that are in the form of an image or text file can be easily converted into file formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, and PSD, before sending them to the printer.

Digital printing is the new paragon for the industry, providing more features, flexibility, and choices than the traditional methods like offset or flexographic printing. And that’s one of the reasons why more and more businesses are opting for digital prepress solutions.

In today’s scenario, clients seek to make their printed materials all the more accurate and up to date. They require printers that potentially facilitate high quality, cost-effective, short-run color printing in the quickest time period. Though it isn’t a five-finger exercise to determine which process will suit you best, you can always choose how you intend to print your design. And while you are at it, do take a look at some of the potential benefits of digital printing, which we have listed below for you to refer to:

  • Exceptional quality

    Digital printing renders exceptional quality, with harsh lines not being much of a hindrance. Perfectly depicting the colors on the prints, it shows consistency and precision even in the last batches of flyers and brochures.

  • Saves on time

    Since the entire printing process involves only a few steps, it will consume lesser time, and hence, facilitate a rather swift delivery.

  • Cost Effective

    Because no printing plates or photo chemicals are involved in the process, there is less investment involved in setting up a single job. Sans the mechanical steps of conventional printing, it cuts down on costs and helps you save more.

  • Short Runs

    Digital printing is the ideal method of producing short to medium print runs, in comparison to most of the traditional options available. In fact, if you are on the lookout for small quantity orders, then it is the perfect method to choose.

  • Customization

    When it comes to choosing the most affordable printing solution, why not go for digital printing and ditch the conventional method for once? After all, the former does provide you with customization of the printing materials, business cards, direct mail pieces, letters and other marketing materials, which makes it a viable option to pick.

Apart from the aforesaid benefits, there exist a plethora of other reasons, including, of course, the opportunity to benefit from high-quality print marketing, for which you should choose digital printing.

Final Words

There is no reason not to love digital printing, a professional process of producing impressive high-grade prints, be it in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, reliability or customization. Our experts at SunTec Digital provide digital prepress solutions and can cater to every printing need with utmost precision and ease. Just write to us at info@suntecdigital.com and hire one!

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