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How To Create An Interactive Textbook For Your Students

It is time we bid adieu to the traditional learning approach and switch to digital textbooks. During the COVID pandemic, the response to digital books or eBooks has been quite overwhelming due to a majority of people staying at home. … Continue reading

How to Create an Interactive eBook for Kids- 4 Things to Know

Welcome to the brave new world of clickable, interactive reading. Since 2020 began, many parallels have been drawn between the last decade and the new one in almost every industry. Digital technology has empowered some stunning transformations over the previous … Continue reading

XML: Why Is It The Most Favored Data Conversion Language

Is Your eLearning Content Devoid of Interactivity? Read This!

When ebooks first arrived in the literary market, they were merely electronic copies of the original text. However, the present day ebooks are fully interactive and provide an immersive experience to its readers. The changing face of technology has also … Continue reading