Is Your eLearning Content Devoid of Interactivity? Read This!

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When ebooks first arrived in the literary market, they were merely electronic copies of the original text. However, the present day ebooks are fully interactive and provide an immersive experience to its readers. The changing face of technology has also led to the rise of elearning culture.

‘Projections show the eLearning market worldwide is forecasted to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.’

(Source – Statista)

Quite clearly, portable, printable and multi-platform friendly ebooks are the future of the education sector. Elearning module developers strive hard to invent new ways to present information to learners in an interactive manner and get them involved in the learning process so that they retain information for longer periods. This focus on engaging learners by providing an enjoyable learning experience has led to a surge in the development of Interactive digital books.

Here is how instructional designers can choose the right interactivities and ensure that the learners connect themselves with the course –

1. Integrate text-to-speech features

With the help of text-to-speech feature, you can incorporate sound effects, background audio and audio narrations into an ebook. This, in turn, would increase the engagement and comprehension level of the reader. Besides, the read-aloud feature would increase your readership as visually impaired people, non-native speakers, and other students with various learning disabilities like dyslexia can easily access the online course material.

2. Integrate links to your resources

Many a time, while reading particular sections of the ebook, online learners look up for additional information. Therefore, it is essential to add necessary resources that can make the process simplified for the readers. You may also incorporate tutorials, relevant news articles and even a list of master resources at the end.

3. Focus on typography

Learners can face difficulty while reading fancy fonts. Therefore, in order to maintain legibility, it is necessary to use standard fonts. However, this doesn’t mean you have to restrict the creativity quotient in your ebooks. You may add attractive images that would appeal the readers or make use of artistic borders. If you do intend to use non-traditional typography, make sure to use it in limited areas only i.e. headings of the chapters or the content table etc.

4. Incorporate Interactivity

An optimum level of interactivity would retain the interest of the readers. You may provide readers the ability to drag objects, click on the links and be redirected to the respective page and take necessary notes. Such media-rich activities would provide greater freedom to the readers and effectively hook their attention.

Needless to say, today’s audience is tech-savvy. They are more eager to use elearning games and online videos rather than read plain text. Interactive digital books serve as the perfect medium to provide long-form content to this generation who doesn’t prefer static ebooks.

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