The Powerful Features of Multimedia ePub/ Enhanced ePub eBook

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Multimedia Enhanced ePub

Multimedia Enhanced ePub

Publishers can create multiple entertaining enhancements in an eBook. As a result of consistent progress in eBook technologies, these enhancements are increasingly possible in digitized versions.


However, they are limited to specific eBook devices and apps. These enhancements in the eBook should always be in line with the central idea of the story. As an example, for a book about music history, the reader should have access to music files that he can play at desired moments in the eBook. Similarly in e-cookbooks, publishers can embed recipe video links for enhanced user experience.


Fundamental Features of Multimedia ePub eBooks:

  • Flexible Cover Page – An enhanced eBook carries a flexible cover pages which is empowered to fit perfectly into any size of eBook. So, no matter the size of device, your eBook cover would look great on it.
  • Users can embed media-rich audio, video and interactive files in the eBook.
  • Make you eBook even more interesting with Internal Linking – Index Formatting with Appropriate Tagging and Linking features/
  • Provide External Links – Implement Journals/Articles, Bibliographic Citations, Links etc. for enhanced reading experience.
  • Fully hyper-linked TOC – Table of Content for the user to immediately jump onto a particular chapter/page in no time.
  • Searchable Text Files for in-book search-ability.
  • Proofing of Images and Illustrations, making them look fabulous on the digitized counterparts.


In nutshell, though an eBook is a digital snapshot of a (printed) book, an enhanced eBook is far ahead of being so. It adds multimedia and interactive features to a plain eBook story and function more like an app that allows doing a lot more than plainly scrolling down the book story. Hopefully this brief guide has provided you some useful insights into how enhanced ePubs can increase the cut through for your content.


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