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Digital Publishing Solutions: A Great Option For Publishers To Increase Revenue

The pandemic has transformed the definition of consuming content, accessing information, and learning. People are getting accustomed to new technologies as digital media takes over traditional publishing. The growth of digitization and the continuous quest for something new has lead … Continue reading

Evergreen Digital Publishing Trends: A Quick Recap

As per Statista, there are over 90 million e-book users and over 30 million e-magazine readers! With such growing numbers, digital publishing is indeed on the rise. It is critical to keep pace with the digital publishing world in order … Continue reading

Re-circulate Your Digital Publishing Revenue with The Ideal DRM Service

Piracy and bootlegging is a huge concern in the digital publishing domain as it plays out as a potential revenue drain. With smarter technologies coming into picture, illegal distributors have also found out new back alleys to escape from, necessitating … Continue reading