Are You Following These Killer Strategies To Increase The Readership Of Your Digital Magazine?

Online Magazine Publishing

It’s undebatable that the internet has drastically transformed our reading habits. We have become more at ease with news apps, ebooks, videos live streaming important events and not to forget online magazines. The tech-savvy audience of the 21st century has a huge appetite for online content and digital magazines have become significantly popular at present.

Even though making it big on the digital platform seems to be easy, many digital publishers struggle hard to increase their readership and consequently the revenue of their online magazine. Here is how publishers can carve a niche for themselves in the online magazine publishing sphere –

online magazine publishing

Develop A Reader Persona

It is necessary to brainstorm and create a model reader persona prior to launching your digital magazine. Reason being that if you have little idea about who you are targeting, then it would be difficult to appeal to the mindset of your target audience. Therefore, always brush up your knowledge regarding the income, background education level, relationship status etc. of your readers. Once you have successfully created a reader persona, you may analyze your publishing strategy on the following basis –

(i) Are you doing everything you can to reach this person?

(ii) Is your magazine currently tailored to this person?

These questions would help you in reassessing and refocusing your publication strategy.

Enhance Readability Of Digital Magazine

Digital publishing industry is targeting an audience where the print mindset is non-existent. The content is created for a reader who wants to easily read, scroll and share it on any digital device. Although, there are numerous ebook formats, publishers are specifically opting for ePub format for their books as it supports reflowable content. Therefore, there is a huge demand for experts who can convert PDF into ePub. Other interactive elements which can enhance user experiences like website links, embedded video, back issue archives, vertical swipe, copy and paste capability and content bookmarking are also widely adopted and integrated with the digital content.

Market The Most-Read Article

A digital magazine can garner even more attention if any of its articles goviral. Analyze your publication thoroughly and find out the most read article that has caught the attention of a majority of the readers. Share this article on social media platforms. You may follow a certain style while crafting the titles such as : ‘Have you read our latest issue yet?’ or ‘8-Insta Trends In Food Styling’ is our most read article.

Send Out Surveys

The best way to increase the readership is to take regular feedback from your readers and resolve issues(if any) in a timely manner. To serve the purpose, you can send out periodical surveys and get a better sense of what your readers are looking for. A perfect survey would be short and crisp. Yet, at the same time, it should be able to extract a quality feedback with the help of precisely asked questions. It is a common practice amongst digital publishers to avoid writing long questions as the reader is most likely to avoid a lengthy questionnaire.

Let SunTec Digital Help You With Your Digital Publication

At present, digital magazine publishing market is a growing market in the service sector. Digital magazine publishers need to understand how to make their publication better each time in order to ensure sustainability and audience loyalty. SunTec Digital has onboard a team of highly professional experts who excel at providing digital publishing solutions. Drop a mail at to get in touch with them.

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