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SunTec Digital will be at the London Book Fair 2017

Companies Developing iPhone Applications for Kids

Kids these days are technologically very progressive and smart. They are changing, learning and evolving at a much faster pace than the elders. With the latest trends and developments in the mobile world, kids are becoming much more advanced. They … Continue reading

The Wonders of Tablets in Education – Educational Apps for Kids

Let parents feel more positive about tablets than just games! Children apps are highly successful for educational purposes. On the basis of various studies and researches, educational institutions world over are going tab-savvy. In comparison to conventional teaching methodologies, students … Continue reading

Yesteryears’ Video Games to Today’s Gaming Apps

Even though the gaming industry is not very old, it has come a long way over a short interval of time.   The computer and video game development industry is believed to age back to mid 1970s. It was only … Continue reading