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Personalization & Contextualization: How These Technologies Are Transforming eLearning

Recent developments in digital publishing have opened new opportunities to the companies actively relying on eLearning to support their staff, enabling them to create more customized and personalized content. Thanks to rich audience data, these companies can incorporate content elements … Continue reading

Go Digital And Give Your Work A Wider Platform With Online Digital Publishing

The worldwide romance of words with pen and paper has almost ended. We have entered an age where both readers and authors are adopting the latest technology. bidding adieu to those paperback and hardback books, we are switching to a … Continue reading

Online Digital Publishing Or Conventional Publishing? Lift The Cloud Of Doubt Here!

If you are new to digital publishing and wondering why it has become a new hype in the industry. Then, the answer is – ease of creation and distribution with added benefits that a conventional publishing model cannot provide. Even … Continue reading

5 Sure-Shot Tips To Be Successful With Digital Publishing