ePublishing Trend In Children’s Books Thrives

children books conversion services

Children books conversion

Last year in 2011, publishing revenues for children’s books rose substantially, while ePublishing and digital books made astonishing gains, as stated by BookStats, an alliance of the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group.

The year 2012 promises more of the relentless march of digital technology, overwhelming the readers with many offerings that keep them from struggling to discover new eBooks with similar charm after they finish a groundbreaking series.


The young-adult category is particularly promising and robust when it comes to eBook Conversion as a result of bestseller franchises and solid crossover readership. Many young-adult books when convert to ePub and available to be accessed on any of the eReaders are read as much by grown-ups as they are by teens.


Mobile apps have already shown their potential for students with special learning needs. There are many apps presently available that are benefitting students with disability and special learning needs.


With evolving technologies like Read Aloud Fixed Layout Books or KF8 fixed layout for children books, the promoters and special educators working in the field have already realized their potential and working to bridge the educational gaps in children with learning issues. They are much ahead of the conventional education leaders and helping children with special learning needs use tablets and apps early on.


As an example, children and individuals suffering from autism spectrum disorder are using smart phone apps for developing skills and resolving day to day activities. In many cases these apps give voice to those with no language or language delays. Apart from this these apps help improve their fine motor skills thence writing and manipulating small objects becomes easier for children with special education needs. This is perhaps one of the most concrete evidences of the benefits of tablets for educational purposes.


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