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ePub and MOBI are the two most renowned formats used by the eBook publishers. ePub is an open eBook standard format and on the other hand MOBI was initially used by Mobi Pocket Reader before Amazon acquired it. In recent times, the most famous reading device for reading the eBooks is Amazon Kindle Fire. This device is available at cheaper rates. This device has a large user base and is considered to be the best android eBook device till date.


The only problem that is faced by the Amazon Kindle users is that it supports MOBI eBook format. The reason behind it is that MOBI eBook format has the ability to protect eBooks and this feature is not supported by the ePub. If you have purchased eBooks which are in ePub formats and recently made a transition to Kindle Fire then do not think that your previous purchase has become useless. You can easily convert ePub to MOBI through eBook Conversion Services.


The eBook Conversion Services help you to convert your eBooks from any format to any format of your choice. Coupled with an easy to use interface, these eBook Conversion Services will convert the files in bulk, if you have a large set of eBooks and do not want to waste your time converting them one by one.


Why Mob Pocket Format is perfect for eBooks?


  • It is compatible with various other different reading platforms like Blackberry, Symbian smartphones, Windows based smartphones, Kindle plus many other eBook devices.
  • It is also obedient with open standard formats such as OEB and XHTML
  • Most importantly it is a secured format as it has the ability to protect the eBooks having Digital Rights Management System ensuring protection from copyrights.


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