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Increase the sales of your novels by converting them into eBooks

The demand for eBooks has skyrocketed with the global market. Readers are now moving over to this new format, preferring it over traditional paperbacks. It means that if you have written a novel, it would be a good idea to … Continue reading

Is Outsourcing eBook Conversion Services to Professional Companies a Smart Business Decision?

Books have been treasure chests of knowledge throughout history, helping to educate one generation after another and elevating our civilization to new heights. The earliest ones were masterpieces of experts’ handicrafts, Then came the printing machine that made access to … Continue reading

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In Corporate eLearning

Companies, big or small, are now exploring the benefits of conducting their corporate training online. However, the major issue most of them face is the cost, preventing them to move ahead and invest. So, is it really worth doing an … Continue reading

eBooks For Kids: Opening New Avenues Of Learning!

When it comes to young readers, parents are often skeptical about putting digital devices like e-readers, tablets, mobile phones into tiny hands. Parents have conflicting views on the impact of tech devices on young readers. Are eBooks good for young … Continue reading

eBooks and Digital Publishing: Key measures to prep up your publication before launch

Since the digital platform has taken over a significant portion of the publication industry, various books are being converted to digital formats on a daily basis. To cater to different sections of audiences, several platforms are being used for digital … Continue reading

SunTec Digital will be at the London Book Fair 2017

Judging a Book By its Cover: Creating Attractive and Feature-Rich eBooks

Reading books on smartphones, tablets and eBook readers like Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, etc., is undoubtedly awesome. However, a lot goes in the making of a digital book and converting printed books, documents, blog posts, and web pages … Continue reading

Practical eBook Development Tips

As a part of digitalization, eBooks are becoming major sources of reading and information exchange. Authors wish to showcase their work and reach worldwide audience. To make it possible, one needs to understand that eBook creation is a rather complicated … Continue reading

eBook Conversion Services in 2014 – How to choose?

We’ve already entered in 2014 with our general ebook conversion requirements, which we followed last year as well. No matter in which year we are penetrating, our need for ebook conversion services will definitely grow because the online world is … Continue reading

eBook Conversion Services Reviews – Are they Authentic?

Different people have different point of views. It is hard to decide which one is right and which is wrong! For example, some people prefer automated tools or free conversion software whereas others prefer availing professional conversion services to convert … Continue reading