eBooks For Kids: Opening New Avenues Of Learning!

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When it comes to young readers, parents are often skeptical about putting digital devices like e-readers, tablets, mobile phones into tiny hands. Parents have conflicting views on the impact of tech devices on young readers. Are eBooks good for young minds? Let’s find out:

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decade and this trend will only gain momentum with time. Technology and mobility both influence the way we read books. Subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, and even print books, have started to fade. We rarely come across someone reading hard copies of a newspaper or a print book. People from almost every generation prefer to do their reading online using different types of formats of books, such as eBooks.

We cannot deny the fact that eBooks are taking over. Yet, this remains one of the major concerns for parents – “Should I let my kid read eBooks?” or “Are eBooks for kids a better choice?” I don’t think there is just one short answer to this question. Read further to know the answer:

Why eBooks For Children Is Always A Better Choice?

Ebook Reader Development

Have you ever noticed a child reading an eBook? The way they are devoted and highly involved is remarkable. So, if your kid is a reluctant reader or spends most of the day glued to the laptop or tablet, then eBooks are the best way to make him or her learn.

According to recent research by the National Literacy Trust, giving eBooks to children with the lowest levels of reading engagement will increase their reading enjoyment, not only in relation to reading on screen but also reading in print. It indicates that reading digitally has the potential to provide a route into wider reading and learning. It is also noticed that eBooks positively impact children’s reading attitudes, attainment and behavior. eReaders not only engage the children effectively but also enhance their learning ability.

The Benefits Of eBooks

Benefits Of eBooks

Given a choice between a printed book and a web page, an average child is more inclined to read from the latter. Even reluctant readers say they enjoy reading using technology. eBooks provide a wider world of reading to children with its interactive and highly engaging content. They are not only a good alternative to paper books, but also offer some extraordinary advantages. Some of the prime ones are:

  • They offer mobility and convenience. Kids can access them anywhere.
  • They take up less space than paper books.
  • They encourage children to read more.
  • They are more interactive and have engaging elements like games, puzzles, and narration along with the text.
  • They are cost-efficient and are often available for free.
  • They have inbuilt dictionaries for instant pronunciation and meanings.

How Technology Helps Children Comprehend Better?

Ebook Conversion And Distribution

However, some parents still believe that printed books are far superior to eBooks. They are scared that letting their child read on-screen could do more harm than good. If you are also among one of them then note that each child and family is different. So, as parents, you need to weigh the pros and cons of online learning and then do what works best for your kid.

Technology-enhanced storybooks for children are specially designed with multimedia features such as animated illustrations, and sound effects. These features help kids to grasp and understand the concepts and stories better.

Interactivity proves to be a great enabler when it comes to engaging the audience (irrespective of the age group) and stimulating young minds. Interactive features like games, questions, dictionaries, etc. further hold their interest and engage them better. It proves to be a fun way to educate children. Most authors prefer adding interactivity to augment the value of children’s literature in eBooks. However, using such features in excess may distract kids. Therefore, the authors depend on ebook conversion services to embed such features optimally in their work. Professionally structured interactive eBooks not just help children develop story comprehension but also improve their language skills.

Voice animated eBooks further enhance usability and provide a hands-free reading experience. It even gives the flexibility to customize the pace of reading based on comfort. It aids children in building reading, understanding, speaking and listening skills. It further boosts early literacy skills like phonemic awareness or letter/word recognition.

Focus On Individual Needs Is The Key

Interactive Ebook Creator

Remember, moderation is the key. Everything in moderation is always beneficial. Here also, the responsible use of technology to build literacy skills in kids is favorable. Technology is helpful if it is used as a supplement to language and literacy activities.

Therefore, while structuring an eBook include simpler multimedia features. eBooks with many interactive features can distract children from the main point of the story. And, rather than strengthening story comprehension skills, it may complicate things for young minds.

Think about a child’s individual needs, interests, and background when converting eBooks for kids and only include the best features to strengthen his or her literacy skills. If you face any challenges in the process, it is always advisable to seek professional eBook conversion services.

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