Interactive eBook: The Next Level of Converting PDF to eBook

Interactive eBook

Digital revolution has led to a significant change in the reading habits of readers. By the end of 2018, eBooks sales are expected to account for a quarter of worldwide book sales (source:Statista).

With the growing popularity of eBooks, the demand for converting PDF to eBook is also witnessing a steep surge. Instead of merely getting your content converted into this widely popular format, you can ask for more and add significant value to your content.

Consideration for INTERACTIVE

Before converting PDF to kindle eBook, you need to take key decisions pertaining to the way you want your eBook to come out as. Do you want it in a text-only form or aspire for it to be an engaging one sprinkled with interactive elements in the right proportion. In case of interactive, it can be as basic as using pop-ups for explaining the meaning of jargons or incorporating high-resolution videos to explain processes, etc. The extent and nature of interactivity need to be pre-decided to make the important information areas stand out.

Do interactive eBooks really make a difference?

With the advent of technology, eBooks are not restricted to the electronic version of an already existing physical book. Converting your PDF to kindle has made it a task of a few clicks. This has made it significantly easy to create and ‘own’ an eBook. In the flood of similar text-only eBooks, a tinge of alluring images, pop-ups and videos can do just the right thing for you and make you achieve unanticipated success.

You should aim for making use of touch-screen capabilities to create an immersive user-experience that accounts for far beyond clicks and helps in creating a lasting user-experience.

Owning to the increase of ‘noise’ in the digital arena, customers are becoming more selective in what they ‘consume’. In such a scenario, interactive content is becoming the central focus of marketers to steer customer attention in the right direction.

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