The “More” of Enhanced ePubs…

Multimedia ePubOften connoted as rich media books, book mashups, enriched, amplified and hybrid books, enhanced eBooks are far ahead the conventional flat digitized versions of printed books.


The core functionality of connecting an enhanced eBook to other (inside as well as outside) resources, enhanced design and display features, image and video embedded in the eBooks make it extremely appealing to the audience.


Rich media and interactivity is provided to the audience who can collect and integrate music, audio-video files, photographs, illustrations, news feeds, background material, etc., in the eBook.


enhanced ePub Conversion Services

Enhanced ePub Conversion

As more and more printed books are available in the digitized formats, authors and publishers are constantly in the lookout to enhance the look and feel of their books so that they can stand out from the crowd.


The enhanced eBook conversion is most suited for the flexible format that allows customizing the page view, size, font style of text, etc., for better display.


Herein searchable text, internal as well as external links, tilt scrolling, flash animations etc. can also be embedded in the conventional linear story. eBook production is very time consuming and difficult, adding enhanced features to it offers additional value to the reader.


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