Reflowable vs. Fixed Layout ePub Conversion for Multiple Column Books

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion

On the basis of content display patterns, digital publication file format can be broadly categorized into two types – reflowable file formats and fixed layout ePub formats. Fixed layout formats look typically the same way pages are typeset for printed books. Herein the digitized versions of books carry just the same appearance as their printed counterparts in the sense of multi-column text layout etc. Various book elements like images, words, columns, paragraphs etc. are positioned at fixed coordinates within the page. A vast majority of PDF files possess fixed layout. However, a few PDFs may also contain extension to make them reflowable.


On the other hand as the name suggests, the reflowable file formats are designed to be displayed on a screen according to its size. Here the page size is not imposed to be displayed in a set pattern or layout. Plain text and HTML files are in reflowable formats. The content is reflowed to optimally adapt to the screen size. Unlike conventional publishing, the user is liberated to choose the font style, font size, margin size, spacing between lines and paragraphs and more. This makes the reading more comfortable for the user. The parameters that set the content display in a set pattern are very device specific. Henceforth it is extremely logical to give reader the liberty to adjust them at reading time.


Though the display patterns of two file formats is pretty clear but how do we assimilate whether fixed layout ePub Conversion or reflowable file format is better for which book type?  Classically a lot of efforts go into conceptualizing the way a book shall be perceived (visually) by its audience. Art designers put in efforts of weeks to conceive how the pages shall display. How its cover page would look? Which font style and size to choose? Images, artwork, page setting, margin size, spacing; each and every element is worked upon with great detail and sureness. Considering this, how justified is it to trash all these efforts and convert into reflowable digital books that display like any other eBook, irrespective of how classic its printed version looked like. Won’t it mean losing reader’s interest for reading experience would never be the same as its printed counterparts do deliver?


Fixed layout ePubs require added attention during the eBook conversion process; fixed layout ePub conversion often more sophisticated and time consuming than standard ePub conversion. The eook conversion specialists at SunTec Digital can easily handle fixed layout ePub conversion for iPad and iPhone. Click HERE to get started!

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