Vital Advantages of Availing Professional Book Typesetting Services

Book typesetting services

Digital Typesetting Services by SunTec Digital

To make your book stand out from among several thousand works being written and published every year, good typesetting is fundamental for both text as well as illustrative work. The entire layout of the book has to be attractive, along with clear and easy to understand text. For publishers as well as writers, outsourcing book typesetting services to an expert with prior hands on experience can come in very handy. These services make your book suitable according to the needs of targeted readers at reasonable costs.

Typesetting is unlike electronic publishing, though a lot is common between the two processes but the final output of ePublishing is an eBook or a web application, whereas typesetting is about direct to print technology.

Tips before outsourcing book typesetting services:
Before employing an outsourcing service provider you should review their previous work to access their quality and skill set. Even a single error can make your work appear unprofessional and flawed. It is very important that the outsourcing company manages your assignment with utmost care to ensure quality and provide you with a 100% error free final output. The outsourcing company should take the security of your manuscripts and other documents very firmly and professionally. You should look for a company that adheres to strict confidentiality policies and guarantees that none of the data will be disclosed at any point, neither while handling your information nor after the job is over.

Some service providers can also typeset books in various languages like English, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese etc.

Benefits of availing expert book typesetting services:

  • Expertise and knowledge in checking manuscripts for accurate grammar, spelling mistakes and sentence structure, etc.
  • The experts thoroughly go through the initial copy for simple mistakes and formatting apprehensions like fonts, indents, and other basics.
  • Provision of adding images, tables, graphs, etc. into the layout.
  • Improvising the overall quality of the text.
  • Indexing all sections of the book to ensure that the readers can easily find and retrieve the needed information.

Some typesetting applications commonly used by service providers are listed below:

  • QuarkXpress is favored for heavy designs and structured content. It is mainly preferred for desktop publications.
  • Tex is the most preferred format for Academic publishing, mainly mathematical and other social sciences. Tex is popular with the Academic publishers, researchers and scientists and is generally used for conference proceedings and textbook drafts.
  • Latex is a macro package based on Tex. Latex simplifies typesetting and is used mostly for complex mathematical formula.
  • 3B2 is primarily used for journals, complex mathematical equations and tables. It is customizable and stable.
  • Framemaker is used to produce high volumes of environmental and social
  • science books.

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