Why eBooks and what are eBook conversion services?

If you are an amateur or a published writer who is looking to reach a wider audience, then eBook conversion services are what you are looking for. eBooks have become a fad across the globe as they are cheaper, portable and more compact than Paperbacks or Hardcovers. eBook conversion services can help you instantly customize your book and give it a more attractive and stylish new look. eBooks can be directly uploaded on eCommerce websites, online bookstores or online libraries making them accessible to a larger audience worldwide or they can be sent as attachments in emails and can be sold via CD-ROMs.


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eBook Conversion Services by Suntec Digital


eBooks have an added advantage of including designs, headers/footers or images etc. to attract readers. Each electronic device uses a different format like Mobipocket, ePub, Microsoft Reader, PDF, PostScript, etc. through which the readers can read books virtually. eBook devices or smart phones like BlackBerry, Symbian, and Androids require different types of formats to suit their specifications and screen sizes. Hence, releasing the eBook in just one format is again restraining the readership. Thus, this is where eBook conversion companies come into the picture to provide eBook conversion services helping you expand your horizons. Converting written papers, forms, brochures, documents, presentations, articles, stories, books or poems into electronic format is quickly becoming the fastest way to reach prospective customers and readers.


The digitization of books along with the advancement of the internet has drastically increased the sale of eBooks. People prefer downloading eBooks over purchasing books and find it much easier to carry all their books in one place rather than tagging along a luggage. Moreover, children and teens especially prefer eBooks over paperbacks, increasing the demand of eBook conversion services to convert printed books and comics into eBooks.


Several companies are also using eBook conversion services to convert their annual and other reports to electronic format. It helps them save money on paper and printing and at the same time helping them become environment-friendly.


Some majorly demanded eBook conversion services include the below:


  • Conversion of books, catalogues and magazines in electronic format
  • Conversion of one eBook format into another format (e.g.- .pdf to .mobi)
  • Including images while converting from paper or one format to another
  • Provide tagging and linking of Table of Contents
  • Improve readability, clarity and visibility of eBooks by converting to latest formats being used in the market
  • Resizing and repositioning of images
  • Cleaning up of inconsistencies, removing unwanted page numbers or re-paging, deleting redundant content or removing unnecessary headers and footers is also possible while using eBook conversion services


Although a number of eBook conversion companies have mushroomed in the market it is important to use an experienced provider to trust with your documents. The company should guarantee high quality standards, ensure the security of your data and ascertain copyright protection.


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