Companies That Can Convert Your PDF Files into eBooks

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An increasing number of writers/authors and publishing houses are opting for eBook conversion services to reach a wider audience. More people are getting inclined towards eBooks due to their convenience and affordability. While there are a number of digital conversion companies converting the PDF files into eBooks, it is important to choose only the best in the market.

Many eBook readers natively support PDF files but unfortunately not all PDF files can be easily read on a small eBook reader’s screen. While some readers like Sony Pocket Reader, Nook, Kindle and some others support native PDF rendering, the problem is that many PDF based files or eBooks are formatted in such a way that they can only be read on a large screen or printed and then read as a hard copy.


Let us discuss some of the benefits of outsourcing to a reputed and reliable company doing eBook conversion services-


  • Expertise – Reliable digital conversion companies have the experience of handling even the most complex conversion with ease. With their experience, understanding, teams consisting of conversion specialists and other resources such as modern infrastructure and high end technology these companies provide their clients with best in the class services.
  • Turnaround time – Eminent service providers understand and appreciate the importance of time. With the right mix of resources, they work round the clock to provide the end converted files within the committed deadlines.
  • Cost – Outsourcing is being considered a highly cost effective and wise decision. It saves the companies/publishing houses not only from the hassle of hiring manpower but also the investment required for infrastructure and the latest machinery. Reputed and reliable service providers have world class infrastructure, and state of the art technology and techniques to complete the conversion process within minimum cost and increase the ROI of the client.
  • Accuracy – There are several free software in the market to convert PDF files into eBooks but the problem lies in accuracy and perfection of the converted files. Professional service providers have formatting experts, and customized tools and techniques to produce perfectly converted books. The presentation of the book plays an important part in its success.
  • Security and confidentiality – Reputed digital conversion service providers understand the importance of data security and confidentiality. They make their employees sign a non-confidentiality agreement and take complete responsibility of the books during and even after the project are over.

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