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Companies Converting Flash to HTML5

Gone are those days when people required a computer to access internet. With so much advancement in technology, internet is available right on the hand-held devices including smartphones and tablets.  But what if people cannot access your website on their … Continue reading

Companies creating professional animated ePub books

As the popularity and readership of eBooks is increasing with each passing day, ePub has taken the publishing arena by storm. It is an open and free eBook standard that allows readers to effortlessly operate between hardware and software to … Continue reading

Companies creating children books for iPads

Children are a major audience of eBooks. They enjoy reading books on digital devices as it makes reading fun for them. Nowadays, digital devices come with several amazing and interactive features to engage and amuse children. Contemporary eBook readers have … Continue reading

Companies Doing PDF to XML Conversion

XML is short for Extensive Mark-up Language, it is a cross-platform web-publishing format. XML is mainly used to display as well as store information on the internet. The advantages of XML over other publishing formats are its scalability, flexibility, validation … Continue reading

Nook Fixed Layout Developers – Planning To Hire One?

Fixed layout eBooks are often referred to as “image or photo eBooks”, or “children’s eBooks”. They are visually rich layouts that offer much more than standard ePub and KF8 format eBooks for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Sony Reader, … Continue reading

PubMed Conversion Company offering professional PubMed Conversion Services

We are in the age of ever changing and ever evolving technology. Digitalization has seeped into every aspect of our life. The compliance to new digital formats has become mandatory to stay ahead in the ever changing digital world. PubMed … Continue reading

Need HTML5 eBook Creator? Why Not Contact A Professional Company?

Nowadays people are constantly on the move and the world is moving towards paper-less offices and digital books. With the coming of new technology, eBooks and digital eBook readers are evolving very rapidly. Developers, programmers and conversion specialists are also … Continue reading

Companies Converting MS Word to ePub

Growing importance of eBooks In the era of digitalization, people prefer reading and sharing books, documents, notes and researches digitally. The use of paper is going down gradually. Today eBooks are preferred by students as well as book lovers. They … Continue reading

Companies That Can Convert Your PDF Files into eBooks

An increasing number of writers/authors and publishing houses are opting for eBook conversion services to reach a wider audience. More people are getting inclined towards eBooks due to their convenience and affordability. While there are a number of digital conversion … Continue reading

Avail ePub Conversion Services & Book Typesetting Services From Reputed Conversion Companies

Technology has changed our lives drastically and one of the most prevalent changes is less use of paper in our everyday lives. eBooks are fast replacing paperbacks and hardcovers. They are a much favored choice among enthusiastic students and book … Continue reading