The EDUPUB Deliverables: Managing Change Step By Step

EDUPUB Solutions

Today’s educational scenario offers a wide range of technology driven tools that are making learning as well as teaching a richer interactive experience. Students these days have the option to choose between print and digital content that can be easily accessed at their convenience and educators now have the entire web at their disposal. Our earlier post was about what EDUPUB is, and how it is benefiting all the stakeholders. Now, let us have a look at EDUPUB deliverables.

EDUPUB is an exhaustive model for exchanging and deploying learning content and is based on W3C Open Web Platform. It is articulated as a set of specifications such as LTI, LRMI, EPUB 3 (IDPF) and other upcoming standards.

EPUB 3- Educational Profile

Content Model and Structural Semantics

  • EPUB integration, Quiz Test Interoperability (QTI) round tripping, A11Y

EPUB Widgets

  • Explanation of user-interface widgets along with open source library that is based on CSS and JavaScript usage. It incorporates few specific security models.
  • Used to makes sure that the user interface is consistent.

Discrete Entities

  • Predictable & efficient repurposing
  • Identifying the chunks of content that can be separately addressed such as sentences and paragraphs

Outcomes Services

Analytics Services

Linkage to Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

A11Y and LRMI Metadata

  • Defining suitable identifiers and vocabularies
  • Expressing metadata( micro data, RDFa, etc) through syntax


  • Using ARIA attributes to interpret elements
  • This is a common WAI feature, however specific terms are defined for education as well


  • Provide standard ways to exchange annotations
  • Several levels of access control pertaining to annotations, including personal, student to student, student to teacher, parent to teacher and vice versa
  • EPUB has already adopted the Open Annotation Model

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Explore current practices and possibilities related to EDUPUB, and its implementation in educational content. If you are looking for a partner, we’ve got you covered. Please write to us at and our experts will contact you shortly.

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