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SunTec Digital will be at the London Book Fair 2017

Alt Text / Annotation as a Powerful Tool for Accessibility for Visually/Print Impaired

Digital content is breaking all boundaries and is emerging as the preferred medium for both students and educators alike. Access to digital content has given students new learning environments, with engaging, interactive and multimedia rich content created in open source … Continue reading

EDUPUB for Education: Intended Outcomes

Similar to EPUB3, EDUPUB has been designed to house the widest possible range of learning content required by providers and learners alike. While publishers may adopt either all the sections or only those that are most appropriate for their content, … Continue reading

The EDUPUB Deliverables: Managing Change Step By Step

Today’s educational scenario offers a wide range of technology driven tools that are making learning as well as teaching a richer interactive experience. Students these days have the option to choose between print and digital content that can be easily … Continue reading

With EDUPUB – Unleash the Potential of Educational Content

Digitization of content is playing a major role in education. In comparison to paper based reading materials, digital content facilitates easy accessibility, is adaptable to user’s learning modes, can boost user engagement, provide real time assessments and also reduce potential … Continue reading

Companies creating professional animated ePub books

As the popularity and readership of eBooks is increasing with each passing day, ePub has taken the publishing arena by storm. It is an open and free eBook standard that allows readers to effortlessly operate between hardware and software to … Continue reading

Companies Converting MS Word to ePub

Growing importance of eBooks In the era of digitalization, people prefer reading and sharing books, documents, notes and researches digitally. The use of paper is going down gradually. Today eBooks are preferred by students as well as book lovers. They … Continue reading

Avail ePub Conversion Services & Book Typesetting Services From Reputed Conversion Companies

Technology has changed our lives drastically and one of the most prevalent changes is less use of paper in our everyday lives. eBooks are fast replacing paperbacks and hardcovers. They are a much favored choice among enthusiastic students and book … Continue reading