Print-on-demand Books: How They Benefit You!

Print on Demand Books Benefits

Technology is influencing everything around us. The rapid technological advancements in the publishing industry have brought about a sea change in the way books are published. One such innovative form of book-printing technique which is trending like anything in the industry is – Print-on-Demand. This technique has made printing books way easier, faster, and more cost-effective than conventional counterparts. Self-published authors can leverage this technique to print and sell their books directly to readers across the world.

What is Print-on-demand Books?

What is Print on Demand

Previously, self-published authors were troubled with large upfront costs and tedious efforts which involves printing more books than necessary and managing excess inventory on their own. But, with print-on-demand, you can have published books to be printed as and when their demand arises. It eliminates unnecessary costs and inventory management efforts by offering an efficient printing process that provides more author control with minimal investment.

For instance, if you are confident that your book can attract a prompt sale of at least 400-450 copies then it is fine, but if there is even a slight uncertainty, it is recommended to go for the print-on-demand services. Using the latest digital printing technology, it allows you to print and bind a book in just a few days. The technology enables authors to publish a single copy or ultra-short-runs cost-effectively. It rather works as a distribution model that has opened new avenues for publishers and aspiring authors.

It is a convenient way to distribute books. When readers find any book intriguing and decide to make a purchase, a purchase order is received by eCommerce websites like Nook Press, Amazon, etc. depending on where the author has published the book. Once an online order is received, people associated with the printing of the book are notified with the details and the number of copies required. You can even print a single copy with print-on-demand publishing.

Every book which is delivered to the reader is a fresh-print copy and has not been stocked in a warehouse. The process does not require books to get printed and then waiting for a sale to happen but the entire process works the other way around. So, in a way, the cost to print is paid by the buyer, at the time of purchase. It affirms to be the best approach if your book is expected to sell over a long period of time.

The Primary Benefits Of Print-on-Demand Books

Benefits of Print on Demand Books

  • No Stocking And Warehousing

    Print-on-Demand Books are cost-effective as these are printed only when there is a demand for them. You don’t have to print hundreds or thousands of copies and stock them for sales. You save on the cost of printing, besides the cost, you would need to rent out a warehouse or storeroom for so many copies.

    Being an author you can relate that it is quite disturbing for you to see your work being piled up without any sales. It also eliminates the consequences an author faces in case of low sales.

  • Easy To Update For Revised Editions

    Sometimes, authors need to make revisions or add some updates to the book within days of the publication. In the case of offset printing, it is a cumbersome and expensive task. Thousands of copies go waste and are not preferred for reading after an updated edition is introduced in the market.

    In the case of print-on-demand, digital printing technology is involved. This allows authors to make necessary revisions without any hindrance and make the updated copies available for the readers.

  • Inexpensive Short Run Printing

    Offset printing involves an expensive short-run and yields profits only if the books are bulk-printed. Print-on-demand, on the contrary, lets you have a single copy or say a hundred copies of a book in the most cost-efficient way.

    You can have a minimum number of copies ordered and printed as per your market demand. This will not only significantly reduce the expenses of stocking but also eliminate the effort of maintaining the printed copies.

  • Never Go Out of Stock

    Manier times it happens with customers who are ordering a preferred book online and the website immediately throws a pop-up saying out of stock. Here, you lost a conversion opportunity. Print-on-demand books never let you go out of stock.

    As you are not stocking your book copies in bulk, you are eliminating the chances of going out of stock when a huge demand arises. Print-on-demand ensures that your book copies are available to each one of your readers to purchase even decades later. So, worry not if you publish your book and it becomes an instant bestseller. With print-on-demand services, you have a copy for everyone.


If you are looking forward to making your work available to the world online, print-on-demand technology is the best choice for you. With conventional ways of printing, where the books are printed and sold in physical stores, the distribution is restricted in various ways. You are geographically bound and need extra efforts and expense to deliver to foreign regions. With print-on-demand services, you can make your books available on international markets, making it easy for your audience to purchase and get it at their doorstep.

Print-on-Demand Publishing Services With SunTec Digital

Leverage the revolution in the publishing realm – print-on-demand books to seamlessly reach out to your target audience. Drop an email to and get in touch with publishing experts to know more about the process and how you can have the best of it.

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Brought to you by the Marketing and Communications Team at SunTec Digital. We publish tips & tricks, informed opinions, and interesting stories about Digital publishing solutions & industry trends. Join our mailing list to stay ahead of the curve.
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