The Topmost eBook Conversion and Formatting Services That You Can’t Miss!

The main aim of any author or publisher is to attract more reader and increase the sales. Hiring an expert assures you get perfectly formatted and converted eBooks at affordable prices and in the fastest turnaround time. Although there are various free software on the web, it is wiser to hire a specialist for such jobs as even the slightest and smallest errors can make your readers lose interest in your work. Below are some the topmost advantages of availing professional eBook conversion and formatting services:

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eBook Conversion Services

1.       Conversion of paper printed books into electronic format – Conversion specialists are adept at converting paperbacks, magazines, scanned documents or hard copies into an electronic format. With the advent of technology, the number of eReaders is rising very quickly. eBooks are gaining popularity due to their numerous features. Availing eBook conversion services help writers and publishers convert their existing books into digital books and get an access to more readers.
2.       Conversion of one eBook format into another eBook format – There are several eBook readers in the market like the Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Palm OS, iOS devices, BlackBerry, Barns and Noble Nook and Mac, etc. Digitizing your eBook into various formats is necessary to reach a wider audience.
3.       Add images and graphics – Professional eBook conversion and formatting specialists can help you add images and graphics during the conversion process. Other options like re-sizing or relocating the pre-existing images are also possible during the conversion. This feature is especially useful for cookbooks, travel books and children’s books.
4. Improve the clarity and readability of your documents – Using professional services for your conversion and formatting requirements helps you make your eBook look more smart and attractive. Presentation of the book is equally important as the content of the book.
5.       Removing any inconsistencies or errors – eBook formatting services help in cleaning of any inconsistencies and checking and correcting typos, spelling mistakes or any other such errors to make your eBook look perfect.
6.       Removal of unwanted page numbers or headers and footers/Re-paging – While using professional conversion or formatting services, the customer has the option of removing any unwanted page numbers, undesirable headers/footers, blank pages and most importantly re-paging the book.
7.       Customizing the font, margins and colors – Formatting experts check and correct your document for any inconsistencies in the font, format or margins etc. They also customize the fonts, colors and margins etc. as per customer’s demands.
8.       Delete any redundant content- Conversion and formatting experts can also remove any unwanted content or make any changes in the content as desired by the client. They thoroughly check the book for any errors and also incorporate the changes as asked.

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