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B2B Publishing Solutions

Adopt New Opportunities to Deliver Content through Digital Channels!

Business-to-Business Publishing Solutions

The ever-evolving digital landscape presents considerable opportunities for B2B publishers to capitalize on the technological developments and connect with the market, increase the speed & scope of information dissemination by going digital, and becoming more adaptable and competitive.

Partner with SunTec Digital for business-to-business publishing solutions that encompass building a digital publishing strategy, and helping you publish, repurpose, and deliver content through multiple channels pertaining to business, financial, marketing, or industry-related information, white papers, print and online directories, trade periodicals and external information products.

We help you change your business operations and workflows efficiently and transform the legacy printed content for digital delivery at cost-efficient prices.

B2B Publishing: Businesses Go Digital

Through business-to-business digital publishing solutions, we help you move from ink-and-paper production to a digital-first workflow and add value to your content through engaging & interactive design and multichannel delivery. We convert your content into publication-ready material and semantically tag them to enhance their online visibility and make them easily discoverable.

DAM and DRM Solutions

Digital rights management is one of the most efficient ways to ensure enterprise compliance and protect your business. With our DAM and DRM solutions, we can help you manage your intellectual property and handle procurement of media assets such as text documents, images, audio, videos, fonts, animations, illustrations, etc., thereby ensuring they are licensed for proper use. We can also integrate eCommerce solutions and manage your website’s content.

Our Workflow: From Pre-Production to Post-Distribution

We have a team of designers, developers, content technologists and subject matter experts who follow a well-defined workflow and employ advanced technology to publish your business-to-business content online – efficiently and affordably.


Our expert designers create visually-appealing and engaging designs for all your business-to-business publishing material like journals, trade magazines, directories, white papers, etc.


After receiving your content for publishing, our copyeditors review, proofread and edit the content to ensure that they are in compliance with the publisher-specific guidelines for style, grammar and punctuation.

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance professionals cross-check the files to ensure utmost accuracy and precision.

XML Coding

We convert the content into XML, an extensible markup language. We can also transform the content as per PRISM Metadata Specifications to facilitate aggregating, styling, management and distribution of content across different publishing channels and platforms.


We prepare the Metadata and organize the content for delivery across different platforms.

With our expertise in content designing, production and delivery, we efficiently manage all your digital content-related operations so that you can focus on core business activities.

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