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Book-as-an-App Development Services

Leverage the Creative Potential of Interactive, Media-Rich eBook Apps

Book-as-an-App Development Services

Today readers expect not just rich, interactive digital versions of publications, but convenient, elegant and user-friendly applications that they can access on the device and platform they choose.

Publish your eBook as ‘Book-as-an-App’

Backed by innovative technology, wealth of experience, and an expert team of designers, developers, content architects and illustration specialists, SunTec Digital can help you meet your readers’ expectations with book-as-an-app development services – opening up a new world of reading possibilities and enabling you to maximize revenue opportunities.

SunTec Digital follows an agile approach to build performance-driven eBook apps for children’s picture books, nonlinear stories, comics, poetry, etc., with features like navigation and styling, customized to suit the content. Our eBook app development process comprises three key elements – strategy, design concept and technical competence to ensure that the final deliverable is scalable, sustainable and secure.

Leverage the Creative Potential of Interactive, Media-Rich eBook Apps

Owing to the possibility of unlimited innovation possible with apps, and the scope for delivering a richer, more dynamic experience to the readers, the team at SunTec Digital is dedicated to producing book apps. Through our engaging and visually stunning eBook applications, complete with text, images, and multimedia elements like video clips, narration and music, we support a variety of publishing, eLearning and other industry requirements. We make way for maximum interaction and personalization in the eBook applications, we develop. For instance:

  • Children’s eBook apps may feature puzzles, games & quizzes, guided narration, parental controls, etc.
  • Textbooks may include sample questions with instant marking, vocabulary building, instant glossary definitions, etc.
  • Travel guide apps may utilize GPS capabilities & maps
  • Cookbook apps may have video recipes and built-in timers

And so on!

What Kinds Of Features Does Your Book App Need?

To lend flexibility and maximize reader engagement, the developers at SunTec Digital can creatively incorporate the following features and possibilities and more, depending upon the attributes of your content.

  • Animations and Simulations
  • Audio and Video
  • Games for Education
  • Multiple Choice Questions & Quizzes
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Interactive infographics
  • Medical Illustration Demos
  • Using Accelerometer
  • Communication Tools and Social Media Connectivity
  • Geo-Location Functionalities

To keep the price points low for publishers and authors, we use open standards and cross-platform/ cross-device standards to develop an eBook application. We also help our clients in maintaining and updating the app, getting it approved and launching it on Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, Windows 8 Store, and others.

Let SunTec Digital Convert Your Digital Files into Feature-Rich eBook Apps!

Leverage SunTec Digital's expertise in developing book-as-an-app that make the process of reading, learning and training, interactive and effective for the users. Get in touch with us today!