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HTML5/ePub3 Interactive eBook Development

Exploit the Full Potential of ePub3 Format with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

HTML5/ePub3 Interactive eBook Development

ePub3 combined with HTML5& CSS3 offers a great array of features for advanced layout and typography used in mathematical publications, multimedia books, interactive documents, and books with complex layout.

Whether you are planning to create an interactive eBook, distribute documents across various platforms, or archive your back-list titles, SunTec Digital can help you develop advanced, rich-layout publications in ePub3/HTML5. Utilizing a combination of processes conforming to IDPF standards, including hand-crafted conversion techniques duly supported with automation, testing and validation, we work to achieve optimal production management, speed up time to market and realize cost savings for our clients.

Deliver an Amazing Digital Reading Experience using HTML5/ePub3

We fully-well understand the digital publishing process, and the accessibility issues and challenges that publishers face while going through the transformation of their content. Many of the world’s largest publishers and corporations, universities, libraries and learning providers, like Encyclopedia Britannica (India), University of Virginia Press (USA), UPNE (UK), Trident Media Group (USA), Oxford University Press (UK), etc., have partnered with us for our HTML5/ePub3 services and solutions, including:

  • ePub 3 with HTML5 and CSS3 for interactive, rich-layout publications
  • Fixed layout (Enhanced / Multi-Media / Read-Aloud) ePub for rich information visualizations in children’s books, textbooks, poetry, cookbooks, or any kind of illustrated books. (Can also create Reflowable ePub (Vanilla/Flat ePub) for text intensive books.)
  • ePub for Education for creating semantically-enhanced ePub for Interactive eTextbooks & other learning content
  • Advanced, responsive layout in ePub3 for effectively presenting visual information in various sizes and orientations
  • ePub package creation and validation
  • Compatibility with Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble devices

With HTML5 and CSS3 – Create Media-rich & Interactive Publications in ePub3

We create interactive, rich-layout publications in ePub3 with HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring accessibility across devices, browsers and operating systems. We intersperse audio & video clips with textual content, add functionalities like geo-location, finger painting & canvas, add footnotes, annotations, cross references, etc., as well as employ MathML to create an interactive equation solver. We also embed interactive tools like exercises, quizzes, etc., to make learning fun for students.

Our teams of eBook creation and conversion specialists design interactive teaching and eLearning assessments, like:

  • True or False
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • Alternate Choice
  • Categorizing
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Single Numerical Design
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill-in the blank
  • Video Demonstration

Focus on User Experience & Multi-Platform Optimization

Clean layouts, embedded fonts, smooth text flow and meta data, image positioning and alternative text descriptions, and other such components are part of our standard ePublishing process.

We accept all source formats - MS Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, 3B2, XML, HTML, or any other – and convert them into multiple digital outputs which can be read on any device and orientation, work seamlessly with assistive technologies like screen readers, and can be well integrated with 3rd-party platforms like Inkling Habitat, PressBooks, Vook, etc. We also convert from extractable documents and application files.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Publications Using ePub3

Through the use of ePub platform, we enable publishers to leverage rapid advancement in accessible technologies and provide digital publications with structurally-tagged content, “text to speech” capability, a detailed navigable table of contents, adjustable font size, style and colour, “alternative text” descriptions to explain images, alternative background colours and controllable line spacing.

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To learn how SunTec Digital can help toy create engaging, digital content in HTML5/ePub3 that is interactive and cross-platform compatible, kindly contact us right away. You can also send us your project specifications at info@suntecdigital.com and we will get back to shortly.