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PRISM XML Conversion Services

Produce, Syndicate and Monetize Your Content with PRISM XML

PRISM XML Conversion Services

PRISM (the Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) Specification outlines the metadata vocabulary for aggregating, syndicating and multi-purposing content for journals, magazines, news, catalogs and books. It provides a framework for preserving and interchanging content & metadata, a set of elements to describe the content, and a collection of controlled vocabularies that list the values for these elements.

As a publisher, are you leveraging PRISM Specification to manage, receive and deliver multi-part content? Let SunTec Digital help!

Drawing on our in-depth understanding of PRISM specification, we can help you convert content for journals, magazines, newsletters, books and text books into PRISM XML with complete precision.

Let SunTec Digital Help You Produce, Syndicate and Monetize Your Content with PRISM XML

We convert from both paper-based and electronic formats to deliver fully-tagged and searchable files in conformance with PRISM XML, a standard, reusable Document Type Definition that facilitates content monetization by enabling reuse and aggregation. Our production processes are in place to handle complex, large-volume projects and ensure timely delivery.

PRISM XML Conversion Specialists at SunTec Digital help you:

  • Analyze source files for content granularity as well as their compatibility with PRISM
  • Extract text, images as well as media attachments, and tag the content in PRISM XML, ensuring utmost accuracy
  • Include text styles, metadata and media files
  • Conduct a pilot test to identify and fix issues, if any

Furthermore, a centralized content repository is created to facilitate content preservation and re-purposing.

PRISM can be used to:

Manage Media Assets and Content in a DAM

PRISM Metadata Specifications can be used to define a metadata vocabulary along with associated controlled vocabularies to ensure management in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Capture Web Content

PAMW (PRISM Aggregator Message for Web Content), an XML tag set, automates the capture of online content for re-use, archive and delivery to content aggregators.

Facilitate Multi-Channel Publishing

PSV (PRISM Source Vocabulary) can be utilized if you are creating a source content repository to encode and publish a wide variety of content across diverse media channels.

Deliver Content to Aggregators, Syndicators and Licensors

PAM (PRISM Aggregator Message) can be used to package articles for delivery across the media supply chain.

Case in Point

  • Client

    An academic publishing house that publishes scientific, technical and medical journals.

  • Project Details

    Large-scale content project with more than 35,000 sources and 40 terabyte data.

    Millions of documents are retrieved everyday There are a multitude of products/ subject areas
  • Objective

    As full-text search is not sufficient for the client, they wanted to implement Metadata to ensure quick discoverability.

Solutions Offered

We followed our proprietary XML-First approach, adopting MathML in publishing workflows to produce multi-format, multi-channel output files, ensuring that the semantic meaning through both layouts and numeric content is maintained all throughout:

  • XML Metadata vocabulary for syndicating, post-processing and multi-purposing journal and magazine content
  • Incorporate current standards like Dublin Core, wherever appropriate

How Metadata Impacts?

  • Metadata is placed in headers, inline content and external stores
  • It facilitates:
    • Classification
    • Processing/ inventory control
    • Identification
    • Access management


  • Enhancement in terms of incorporating a general description, source of the content, subjects and topics of the content, relationships between resources, important dates and times related to the publishing, rights and permissions governing the use of the content
  • Complete accuracy and precision
  • Access to reliable metadata
  • Save cost involved in finding, indexing and storing the metadata
Getting Started!

Want to leverage the features of PRISM XML format and simplify management, syndication, distribution and re-usability of content across a wide variety of publishing platforms? SunTec Digital can help!

Irrespective of the volume and complexity of the project, our teams can efficiently convert your legacy content into PRISM XML without missing deadlines. To find out more about our PRISM XML conversion services, please give us a line at info@suntecdigital.com.