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XML Transformation Solutions

Transform and render XML documents into diverse formats for Multi-Purpose Publishing

XML Transformation Solutions

XML is a flexible, data-description language that lets users define their own tags to simplify data sharing and multi-channel publishing. So depending on your industry vertical and publishing requirements, you can choose XML-based formats like XHTML, NIMAS, XSL-FLO, Kindle, ePub, etc.

SunTec Digital can help you leverage the power of your content by authoring and managing your documents in XML to facilitate content re-use, storage and aggregation for dynamic display and on-demand publishing, together with deployment in CRM or Learning Management Systems. Employing XML and XSL transformations, publishers can extract valuable content from the documents and transform in their preferred XML schema such as DocBook, DTBook, PubMed, S1000D, TEI, etc.

SunTec Digital specializes in working with complex technical documents that include graphs, equations, special characters, tables, footnotes, cross-references, and complex images, audio & video files, etc. Further, we also help you with improved structuring and tagging of your content, ensuring better searchability, data distribution and web publishing. Once the content is re-usable and searchable, it can be used to create and launch learning products and courses with referable-content view that other authors and training programs can seamlessly use.

XML Transformation for Digital Content Annotation and Transcoding

Our dedicated team of DTD production experts develop and document the DTD and XML Schema to help the clients extend the capabilities of their content. We use applications like InDesign, Frame Maker, Latex, QuarkXPress, 3B2, etc., during the XML production process.

Key aspects of our XML Content Transformation Solutions, include:

  • Transforming and optimizing content from a variety of sources and file formats such as physical or scanned documents, mobile formats, PDF, help file formats, MS Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), etc., into XML for easy web access and reusability.
  • Transforming and managing characteristics of data-intensive media files, for instance, frame rate, bit rate, resolution, encoding, etc., to meet cross-channel compatibility requirements
  • Adding rich media attributes for quickly and easily locating content
  • Working via XML-first workflow to verify the correctness of the XML tagging by proofreading the main rendering
  • Smoothly converting content, training material, books, magazines, guides, journals, manuscripts and other documents into following XML formats:
  • Converting documents from most international languages including Latin-based and double-byte characters.

With SunTec Digital, quickly ramp up your teams to manage projects with millions of pages, while ensuring that each word is converted accurately, consistently and the project is completed on time.

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XML transformation of digital products and text facilitates single source publishing across multiple devices like iPad, tablets, etc. With our wide range of XML transformation solutions, we can help you quickly and cost-efficiently convert your content into XML-based formats as per your unique requirements. To find out how, kindly get in touch with us at info@suntecdigital.com.