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Pre-press & Typesetting Services

Full-Length XML Environment Composition for Multi-Purpose Publishing

Pre-press & Typesetting Services

As your partner for digital pre-press and typesetting services, SunTec Digital helps you achieve the final product you have in mind. Whether you provide us with the manuscripts in MS Word or PDF format, keyboarded documents or hardcopy files, we will efficiently manage the entire content publishing lifecycle that include graphic design, pagination, editing, typesetting, proofing, and securing media rights & permissions. Our flexible typesetting and composition solutions, combined with our extensive experience in ePublishing ensures that your title has a clean, professional look.

We employ XML-driven workflows to preserve the integrity of the XML file, making sure that it is compliant with the publisher’s DTD all through the course of the production cycle. Besides making way for generating “back end” or legacy XML on demand, a full-length XML environment composition facilitates convenient multi-purpose publishing including files ready for print as well as online delivery.

SunTec Digital provides a complete spectrum of Pre-press and Pre-media services, including:

Typesetting & Composition

Whether your source files are in MS Word format, typeset from a previous edition, or a pile of hard copies, we can create ready-to-publish files typeset to your exact specifications. We are adept at handling wide spectrum of subject matter for special-interest publications and scholarly journals involving chemical & math formulae, complicated drawings, diagrams & tables, multi-environment layouts, etc. Our typesetting specialists use software like Quark, InDesign, Framemaker, LaTeX, Advent 3B2 and MS Word to ensure consistency between letter spacing, word spacing, glyph scaling, and hyphenation. We utilize advanced pagination software and digitally merge text & art into pages, created under stringent style and formatting guidelines.

Creative (cover page/ illustrations/ layout)

Whatever the subject matter or genre of the book, our team of graphic artists and visualizers, designs unique, effective and visually-appealing book covers, together with apt layout and customized and riveting illustrations that appropriately reflect your content, helping your eBooks stand out.

Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions

SunTec leverages its decade long experience in digital publishing together with a team of qualified researchers to proficiently handle procurement of media assets like content documents, images, video, audio, animations fonts, stylesheets, metadata, and other resources, ensuring that they are visually and legally compliant across regions, languages, devices, etc.

Alt-text for Accessibility

We have a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who identify and understand the key points of images, diagrams and graphs, and add Alt Text that exactly describe the purpose of the illustration.

Proofing, Testing and Quality Control

We proofread the content to identify and rectify any errors, pertaining to typography, formatting, style, hyperlinking, uneven tone in images, or variation in artwork vis-à-vis the source file, etc. In addition to Proofreading, we validate the code, Test the final output on different e-readers, and ensure that it is in sync with the acceptance criteria of the client and the eBook retail/distribution channels.

Getting Started!

Digital prepress is at the heart of printing production process, requiring reliability, automation and responsiveness. At SunTec Digital, we have it all. We cater to publishers across diverse industry segments, helping them create press-ready files with utmost accuracy and in rapid turnaround time. To find out more about our digital prepress and typesetting services, kindly get in touch with us today!