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Interactive Digital Comic Books Publishing

Fully Interactive Comic Books That Let the Readers Delve Deeper Into the Story

Interactive Digital Comic Books Publishing

SunTec Digital combines its rich experience and domain expertise with leading-edge technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to create cross-platform, cross-device digital comic books, and add to the flavour of comic reading with sound, animation and touch. Our team of content developers, programmers and graphic designers follows a well-defined workflow to build interactive comic books that feature gallery, pop-ups, 2D and 3D animations, hyperlinks, read-aloud features, non-linear narratives, guided views, etc., enabling readers to interact with the story.

We work on precisely importing the illustrations of your comic books or graphic novels, handling the entire pre-press production and delivering a typeset and edited file in easily accessible file formats like KF8/Mobi, ePub, HTML5. We convert comics into fixed-layout format for eReaders like Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc., and add animation & interactivity to deliver an enhanced reading experience for the readers. We can also help you create your book cover or add illustrations to your comic book. Our graphic artists use visually-rich backgrounds, characters and objects as featured in the comics. We also add narrative text, through balloons and speech bubbles to bring the characters and story to life.

Start Publishing Your Digital Interactive Comic Book / Graphic Novel!

From super-hero adventurous and intense drama to thrilling science fiction, we can create digital interactive comic books on any subject, in any language, with the following features:

Read Aloud

We synchronize the audio files, focusing on user interface, media overlays structure start and end times in audio files, etc.


Our team of creative designers and engineers has access to advanced multimedia tools to create complex animations that are visually stimulating and leave high-impact on readers. We conceptualize and incorporate the sound effects and character animations to elevate the excitement and intensity of reading comics. We are also proficient at creating simple animations like eCards and cartoon shots to complex animations that include city planning, futuristic building designs, etc.


Inherited from Manga into ePub 3.0 fixed layout format, pop-ups are one of most recognized guided view, allowing readers to get a zoomed-in view of any particular comic panel without losing the full page context.

Page Swipe

To further enable readers to switch between from one page to another, we exploit features like page swipe or tap for page turning.

We can also build motion comics that involve partially animating a cartoon strip by adding voiceover or music and selected visual animations like rising of the sun. Our ePublishing solutions provide media-enhanced reading experiences and help in boosting user engagement through interactivity.

Let's Get Started!

For more information about our digital interactive comic books publishing solutions, please connect with us today. You can also share with us your project requirements at info@suntecdigital.com and we shall get back to you shortly.