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PubMed Conversion Services

Streamline Biomedical and Life Sciences Journal Article Submissions to PubMed Central Library

PubMed Conversion Services

SunTec Digital excels at converting medical journals and articles into PubMed Central JATS specification. We implement the specified XML tagging guidelines to streamline journal article submissions to PubMed Central Library, which is a digital archive of life sciences journals. Our teams can proficiently work with formats like NLM XMS for Manuscripts and Journals, and Bookshelf XML for Books.

  • We convert over 3500 author manuscripts, on an average every month for NIH
  • We have worked with Highwire Press, helping them convert over 2 million pages into NLM XML
  • We also have experience of working with JSTOR for its eJournal Archive, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, etc.
  • We have been subcontracted the project to convert books into NIH Bookshelf DTD
  • We deliver Quality Assurance services for other XML specifications, ensuring compliance with NLM DTD

A PubMed Central XML Solution for Journal Publishers

We accurately convert journals, manuscripts and documents from input formats like Ms Word, PDF, TeX, TXT, ePub, SGML, etc., into PubMed XML format, thereby simplifying storage and distribution of medical information for our clients.

PubMed File Conversion Workflow

  • We comply with NCBI/ PubMed standards to change nomenclature and convert documents in XML format
  • XML files are then validated against the XML schema by strictly adhering to Quality Control measures
  • Scientific formulae and complex images are processed to ensure they are in line with the content submission guidelines of PubMed Central Library
  • Files are reviewed on PubMed Article Previewer to see how they would appear in PMC

Our PubMed conversion services include converting content across disciplines like nursing, medicine, dentistry, preclinical sciences, etc.

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All PubMed Central NLM JATS conversion projects undergo SunTec Digital's robust process, reviewed by Quality Assurance professionals, and delivered with utmost accuracy & precision. To learn more about our PubMed conversion services, kindly write-in to us at info@suntecdigital.com.