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DTBook Conversion Services

Accessible, Easy-To-Navigate Digital Talking Books for People with Print Disabilities

DTBook Conversion Services

DTBooks (Daisy Digital Talking Book) are audio representations of the print publications, designed specifically for people with print disabilities such as dyslexia, impaired vision and blindness. An XML-based document file format, DTBook is a globally recognized standard supporting synchronized text and speech so that they are navigable via headings, pages, footnotes, and bookmarks.

Let SunTec Digital help you convert and create DTBooks from file formats like PDF, Word, Quark, InDesign, etc., in adherence with the guidelines of NIMAS. We ensure that the books can be read and listened in various devices like smartphones, multimedia devices, desktops, tablets and standalone DAISY players, and visual elements and audio clips are accurately embedded in the files.

DTBook Conversion: Accessible, Easy-To-Navigate Digital Talking Books for People with Print Disabilities

SunTec Digital has significant experience in delivering to renowned clients like The National Library for Blind (NLB), Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille (TPB), Nota – Danish National Library for Persons with Print Disabilities, etc. Our teams hold expertise in creating different types of digital talking books, such as:

Audio and full text: The book contains the entire content of the document as electronic text and recorded audio.

Audio with navigation: This type of DTB is well-suited for an enhanced audio book, wherein the entire document is converted into recorded audio and navigation features of DTBs are embedded.

Text only: These books are mostly rendered using Text to Speech technology for audio playback. The learners can see all the content on the screen, including display options and navigation, and listen to the text voiced out via synthetic speech.

We are proficient at working with the latest DAISY standard (DAISY 3) for multimedia representation of books, thereby enabling the listeners to:

  • Bookmark content
  • Navigate an encyclopedia
  • Easily search the content
  • Browse through the book by word, paragraph, chapter or page
  • Skip to certain sections, pages or chapters of the book
  • Click on an term or chapter in the index and jump right to it
  • Make notes in the book’s margin
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