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eBook Conversion Services

The rapidly changing technology has revolutionized and impacted the publishing industry like never before. SunTec Digital, a reputed eBook conversion company, helps in creating, managing and delivering content for reusing/repurposing and across multiple platforms.

As part of our E-book services, we have compiled millions of titles into successful eBooks for major publications, universities, libraries, enterprise content management service providers and technology companies.

Having acquired expertise in latest conversion and digital technology, we see ourselves stably positioned in the industry for over 15+ years now and catering the clients consistently with our premium line of eBook conversion services. We pioneered technology that allows us to digitize even the most complex scientific, technical and mathematical documents.

Our comprehensive line of eBook conversion services involves streamlining eBook creation through conversion of data coming from any source format, be it microfilm, microfiche, paper or any digital format (Kindle, Quark, InDesign, MobiPocket, MS Reader, ePub etc.). This is the reason why clients searching for top-notch eBook conversion services prefer to approach our veteran conversion specialists at SunTec Digital.

eBook Formatting Services

It is every author’s wish to reach a worldwide audience to showcase his or her work. We acknowledge the hours you have invested in writing your book and we will ensure that it attracts the masses that you desire. Many authors / publishers are under the false impression that one format will cater to all the devices, which is like saying one size fits all!

Today’s mobile reader demands the best of both the worlds, which includes a compatible format, and an eBook that looks rich and appealing. eBook formatting services at SunTec Digital include working on the font, pictures, margins, colors, etc., and customizing it for various devices. Using professional eBook formatting services ensure that a seasoned professional helps you in enhancing your eBook and making it more pleasing to the eyes of the reader. Our experts keep up with the latest market research like which fonts and sizes are most preferred by readers and customize only the best for you.

You can choose from our extensive range of eBook formatting services to give your work the desired look of perfection. Our eBook formatting services and technical team holds expertise in all the latest eBook formats like ePub, ePub 3, Enhanced ePub, Fixed Layout ePub Conversion, Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & CSS3, Nook Fixed Layout Format, Kindle, Kindle Fire and (KF8) Conversion Services.

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Experienced eBook Conversion & Creation Services :

The major challenge in any eBook conversion project is to maintain the formatting style as close to original print version. We maintain rich layout of your eBooks for best visual appeal.

Our ePub creation, ePub formatting and eBook conversion services are not only limited to books, rather it expands to multiple formats of content distribution. So whether it is PDF to ePub, Word to ePub, HTML to ePub, Text to ePub, we do it all for you.

We will convert your books into portable formats that can be read on computers or mobile devices such as Kindle, Apple iPhones (iPad & iPod), Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, Blackberry devices and other smart phones. You can sell these books through online bookstores such as Amazon, Symtio, Sony's eBook store, or your own website.

As digital books are becoming major sources of reading and information exchange, publisher, authors, writers, universities and many other people are looking for reliable sources to format and compile their content into beautiful looking eBooks. We are here helping them keep pace in the emerging space.

As an eBook conversion company, we have successfully handled several projects for fictional, non-fictional, scientific, legal & medical books and manuscripts.

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