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eBook Conversion/ Production/ Redesign

Delivered 1M+ eBooks to Apple iBooks, Kindle Store and Google Play

eBook Conversion/ Production/ Redesign

SunTec Digital is an eBook design, conversion and production agency devoted to helping authors/publishers bring their new and established works into digital form.

With strong background in technical development conforming to eBook standards and specifications, workflow and metadata management, design and eBook production, SunTec Digital can deliver content in multiple output formats from a single source, creating a digital experience that embraces technology and engages the reader.

Professional eBook Production to Ensure Optimal Rendering on All Devices

SunTec Digital enables publishers to seamlessly convert their titles into desired file output to maximize mobility and flexibility, interactivity and cross-platform compatibility.

Diverse Input Formats: SunTec Digital is equipped with well-established processes to handle conversions from a diverse range of input formats, including manuscripts, print or image documents, word files, InDesign, PDF and XML formats to ePub3, KF8, web-ready PDFs, or any other ePublishing format/specification of your choice.

Output Compatibility: We can assure you of the compatibility of our output format in its various versions and with the key eBook readers available in the market:

  • ePub3 for Apple, Kobo; Google, Samsung and other Android devices, together with Overdrive and eSentral
  • Kindle Format for Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite
  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble NOOK, and Nook Kids ePIB that supports interactivity for Nook Color

We give your content a world-class look-and-feel in line with the best publishing standards:

  • Integrating audio and video files, using HTML5 with ePub3 for enhanced eBooks or read aloud/ audio books
  • Embedding animation effects, using CSS3
  • Integrating interactive exercises, puzzles, games, Flash Cards, etc.

eBook Production Workflow

To ensure smooth transitions between and within workflows, SunTec Digital has adopted XML-first workflow. In the course of our eBook production process, we:

  • Maintain several parallel production processes – digital-native, backlist and print-to-digital titles, as required by different platforms and genres
  • Rigorous testing on disparate devices—Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., to evaluate features and functionality, and accordingly incorporate adjustments, and address other concerns
  • Conduct asset research for procurement of digital media rights & permissions
  • Define suitable vocabularies, identifiers, syntax to express metadata (RDFa, microdata, etc.), metadata tagging

Our workflows are adaptable for all kinds of books (from children's literature to cookbooks, and academic publications), newspapers, STM journals, archival content or any other content type.

Let's Get You Started!

Our professionals work in close coordination with the clients to ensure that the eBook is produced in tune with their requirements. Leverage our vast cross-industry experience to produce and test your books in a suitable format for the target market. Get in touch with us today! You can also drop us a line at info@suntecdigital.com to know more about our eBook/ePub production services.