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Children’s eBook Publishing Solutions

Sight, Sound & Touch. Creating Highly Interactive & Engaging eBook Experiences!

Children’s eBook Publishing Solutions

Multimedia, animations and interactivity features add a lot of flair to children’s eBooks. SunTec Digital has helped several authors and publishers to successfully unlock the value of their children’s literature by creating animated and interactive Children’s eBooks using HTML5 and CSS3, for multi-format, multi-channel publishing.

With our innovative, multimedia rich, highly interactive apps for tablets and smart phones, created specifically to take advantage of the devices, we aim to tell stories and provide information to children in new and engaging ways.

Our team of eBook designers and developers have created textbooks with interactive diagrams, maps and graphs, photos, audio and video clips, guided tours, 3D renderings, language instructions, quizzes and educational games, slidelines, hot spots, customizable set of test questions (multiple choice, true/false), eFlashcards, and other self-assessments exercises for evaluating their grasp of the subject.

Our High Level Publishing Process for Building an Interactive eBook

  • Platform Selection
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Mapping, Digital composition & Development (Including unit openers, chapter/section openers, lesson openers, headers, list & bullet styles, side notes, quotes, card structure, embedded readers, Metadata, Structural Semantics, Images, Annotations, etc.)
  • ePub3 + Rich Media & Interactivity Production
  • Assessment
  • Measurements / Analytics Markup
  • Testing and QA (Quality Assurance)
  • DRM Solution for Security
  • LMS Integration & Distribution to 3rd party Platforms like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft or others

Kids’ interactive eBooks produced at SunTec Digital come with great form factor for both online and offline performance support, the content is searchable and renders smooth nonlinear progression. They also allow for accessibility and interoperability.

Children’s eBook Conversion for Various Formats

Having expertise in working with several formats across a myriad of devices, we are proficient at creating children’s eBooks for both new titles and backlists. We can convert the books in different types of formats, such as:

Apple Fixed Layout

Apple supports both, ePub2 and ePub3 format for children’s eBooks to be sold across the iBookstore. We convert the titles in tune with Apple’s fixed-layout specifications, ensuring they feature single-page view, full-page zoom, embedded media, orientation rotation, narration overlays, and animations and interactivity. We can also incorporate and synchronize read-aloud audio, depending upon client’s requirements.

Amazon Kindle

SunTec Digital helps authors and publishers convert children’s literature, illustrated kids' books, graphic novels, comics and manga into Amazon Kindle Format (.mobi/.prc) fixed-Layout with text pop-ups and metadata in ONIX format (XML). To optimize the experience of readers, we can transport the original artwork in Kindle eBooks.

Barnes & Noble NOOK Kids

B&N has its own proprietary eBook format for children’s eBooks, titled Nook Kids. It features audio narration and region magnification, and enable readers to record their own voice. The files can be viewed on NOOK Tablets, NOOK Color and NOOK Kids for iPad.

Kobo and Google

To help teen and children’s book publishers in distributing their titles across Kobo and various Android devices, including Samsung, Google Nexus, etc., we convert the files into ePub3 fixed layout format, compatible with these retailers.

Let's Get You Started!

To learn how SunTec Digital can support you in creating fixed-layout children's eBooks while maintaining the integrity of the book deign and embedding multimedia content like audio & video files, animated graphics, sound effects as well as games, please contact us right away. You can also send us your requirements at info@suntecdigital.com and we shall get back to you shortly.