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My company makes use of a range of services offered by SunTec Digital. I am impressed with how SunTec is able to negotiate and deliver various different projects with reliable production and attentive customer service."

-- Lindsay D'Andrea,
Production, Boston, Massachusetts

Dear SunTec Team,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of you for all you do for our e-book department. Over the past many years that you have partnered with us, your work in converting our titles to the different e-book formats has been remarkable. The professionalism and attention to details is exemplary. I have come to depend on your expertise and cannot imagine where we would be without your guidance.

You have always gone the extra mile to help us make revisions and updates, and to keep up with our changing systems and procedures. You have also worked hard on your end to keep up with the latest technologies, programs, and training to make the best possible products for us.

As I stop to think about all that we count on you for; e-formats, apps, enhanced e-books, text formatting, uploads, web work, etc., I realise that your team is part of the heart and soul of our team, and I am honored to work with you. I look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come. Thank you."

-- Roger Hayes
General E-book Manager
ePubco.com - Leading Ebook Technology & Distribution
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA)

We've had the pleasure of working with Suntec for almost 3 years and it's been a true pleasure. Their work is thorough and timely and they are committed to excellence."

-- Nancy Brown
Manager, Publisher Relations

SunTec has transformed for our Association - fifty of our titles in Epub and Mobi in 52 languages starting from very simple English, German to very complex Mandarian, Hebrew, Arabic and many more. The services are good, inexpensive and very fast! The contact with the employees was very friendly and we are very thankful... "

-- Petra and Rochus Schaadt
Lahr, Germany

Very high quality of the files, deliveries always in times, rush conversions served properly, always available... whereas we are publishing technical ebooks with complex and various layouts for the professional market. Anyway, Suntec can process them easily. So we are very happy to work with the digital publishing services of Suntec.
We really appreciate your services."

-- Dominique

We have been working with Suntec in the development of our eBooks and apps. They deliver good quality on time every time"

Client Testimonial
-- Filip Lindell
Operations & Marketing Manager

To find a good partner in the rising ePub market is not easy. Quality is everything and a good eye for details is a prerequisite. If not - the small mistakes will delay the speed of production and give you continues headache.

SunTec India has been all that we had wished for. Top quality, high speed delivery and with fair prices...

We are more than satisfied! "

-- Michael Radulescu
Marly Rusoff Literary Agency
Bronxville, NY, USA

You were very nice and responsive to our request at the time of need and stress. Your turn around time was about 300% faster than others I asked for our novels conversion to ePub and Mobi. We were behind the schedule and your help was very important. I see SunTec Digital does business with large companies and yet you paid careful attention to a small enterprise like ours. Thank you, we will remember you. "

-- Michael Radulescu
Marly Rusoff Literary Agency
Bronxville, NY, USA


SunTec was a solid partner in all projects we realized together - constantly with outstanding results. It is always a pleasure for us to work with SunTec."

-- Florian Niggemann
Electronic Media Manager
Schattauer GmbH – Publisher for Medicine and Natural Sciences

The world of e-books is brand new and its prerequisites are constantly changing. As a print publisher, it's sometimes difficult to find your way and make the right decisions on what to produce, how and where.

I found the services of SunTec Digital very helpful in this. The team at SunTec went a long way to make sure we had good grounds for all our decisions when converting our health & fitness books "Sportmassera själv med redskap" and "Snabbare, starkare, löpare" plus the children's book "Mamma vill inte gå till dagis" to e-books during early 2013.

We are happy with the results: layout, legibility and overall presentation.

I trust the professionality of SunTec Digital and recommend their services to any publisher."

-- Boel Stier,
CEO Miro Media, Sweden

I wish to publicly air my appreciation of the SunTec team that worked on my ebook. They showed extraordinary diligence and always responded promptly to the many corrections I made, right down to a single comma. I would recommend this team to anybody who wishes to use ePublishing services as excellent value for money."

-- Captain V K Malhotra

As a book coach and publisher, I often get asked to convert printed books into Kindle and e-pub files for my clients. After doing some research, I initially used a freelance e-pub converter, but I had to ask for a lot of formatting corrections, which was very time consuming, and expensive. This is when I came across SunTec Digital. From the very start of our communication, the project manager was extremely helpful, and was able to answer all of my queries.

My books are technical, and require a very specific layout, which they are always able to do for me. The project manager has also linked up with me on Skype - which allows real time communication (fantastic for quick turnaround projects) and his team has always been able to convert my files quickly and efficiently. If there are any issues with formatting, the team always resolves them.

I would highly recommend SunTec Digital to anyone needing kindle or e-pub files! "

-- Alexa
Book Coach at The Book Refinery

SunTec have been exceptional in their professionalism in developing our first animated ePub3 picture book for children. We were looking for an eBook conversion partner that could meet three important criteria: cost effective, quick to understand our requirements and translate that into a high-quality finished product and timeliness in execution. SunTec delivered on all three."

-- Christian Hultner
Publisher Cuento de Luz SL, Madrid, Spain

In the February of 2009, after a successful tender in a public procurement, TPB contracted Suntec Web Services for the production of DTBook XML.

Production entailed the scanning and OCR of printed university level literature, and thereafter proofreading of results and markup using the DTBook standard, and guidelines drawn up by TPB. After a relatively short and pain free ramp-up, Suntec were delivering DTBook files that met stringent delivery control protocols and tight turnaround times.

In those cases where errors were discovered, Suntec delivered corrections swiftly, accurately and without contesting returns.

A two day meeting was set up with Suntec after six months of DTBook production. We were warmly welcomed, cordially treated, and felt our needs were answered with regard to production specifically and outsourcing generally.

I warmly and wholeheartedly recommend Suntec to anyone looking for an outsourced solution, and a company able to deliver high quality results rapidly, and with an eye for customer satisfaction."

-- Kjell Hansson
Head of production, TPB - Swedish Library of Talking
Books and Braille

In the beginning of 2009, Tapir Academic Press decided on going digital. Tapir mainly publishes academic literature, incl. technical subjects with complex page layout and vast amounts of figures, tables and formulas. In our search for a supplier of conversion services, we tested a range of firms and businesses, and concluded that Suntec India were the ones delivering the best results. Since then we have been collaborating with Suntec on our conversion needs, and we have been very pleased with their work. Suntec India has proved to be reliable, fast and cost efficient."

-- Yngve Syrtveit,
Editor and developer of digital learning facilities,
Tapir Academic Press

To work with Suntec was a pleasure for us – the reactions were very quick and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their work. Looking forward for the next projects to accomplish together "

-- Sandra Thoms,
Dryas Verlag,

Suntec clearly understood the challenges confronting digitalizing historic documents. We entrusted Suntec to convert the documents on tax treaty law which are based in the OEEC/OECD archives in Paris. The project required very high accuracy of conversion and very strict XML/XHTML tagging. We are pleased with the results Suntec provided, and would certainly consider using Suntec again for any future project."

-- Kasper Dziurdz,
Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law,

Dear Sandeep,

I wanted to let you know how helpful you and Suntec have been in creating Mobi and ePub versions of my books. I started out as a novice not knowing where to begin, but you helped me step-by-step through the process. Even though I only had hard copies of each book,they came out wonderfully with much of the original flavor and formatting. Your work as prompt and your responses to my queries and corrections was polite and helpful. Plus your fees were the most reasonable I found. All the books are now available and each is selling even better than I expected.

I highly recommend your exceptional and cost-effective services."

-- Gay Courter,
Author of "The Midwife,"
"Code Ezra," etc.

I found Suntec Digital to be timely and their work excellent. My four books were translated into color epubs quickly and I had them up on Kindle and Nook within a week of emailing the files to Suntec. They will continue my trusted book coverters, as I release new titles each year."

-- Aurora Juliana Ariel,
Author and CEO of AEOS.

I would highly recommend SunTec to any organisation looking for professional, prompt and cost effective business services. This was my companies first overseas outsource project so I was a little apprehensive about ensuring I found the correct partner. The speed at which SunTec quoted for the work, produced a test sample and responded to my queries put me at ease. To top it all they then completed the actual project well ahead of schedule."

-- Barry Hetherington,
Managing Director - Know Your Candidate Ltd
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