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iPhone Android Game Applications Development Services

Crossing the barriers of gender and generation, mobile gaming apps have today ventured into every household. It is not only the youth or school going teen that is glued to mobile phone games, even grown-up men and women are now enjoying games over their phones. Besides this, grandparents and even adult men are increasingly enjoying game apps over their touch screen phones.

As we see, the future of interactive game development is bright and widening, the concept of game development services has also revolutionized over these years. While yesterday only time-pass or entertainment based games were made, today there is a potpourri of game types. Educational games, movie-based games, story based games, fiction games etc. are some of the evolving game types. Games are increasingly being used for constructive purposes as well. Today educational institutions are commonly using highly interactive educational games to teach their students. [Read the Case Study on Educational App for Android Tablet Computers produced by SunTec Digital]

Witnessing the growing demand for mobile phone games – iPhone game applications development services or iPad apps development, Android game development services has emerged significantly.

Game development companies recruit specialized apps developers that have focused expertise in game development for popular gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Windows based phones and other Android based mobile phones etc. The game development team in these organizations now stretches to over hundreds of full time working specialized associates comprising game programmers, designers and artists. This team is supported by an equally large quality assurance and testing team that supports and checks the developed games at various levels of production. Huge amounts are put into marketing those games worldwide.

Angry Birds is a success story that everyone knows across the globe. Game industry also supports various other industries. Kids’ merchandise (varying from color pens, school bags, pencil boxes, crayons, shoes, clothes, note books, watches, etc.) is hugely inspired by latest gaming characters. The future of game development will witness more and more sovereign game start-up organizations leading their way to reach new heights.

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The Powerful Features of Multimedia ePub/ Enhanced ePub eBook

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Multimedia Enhanced ePub

Multimedia Enhanced ePub

Publishers can create multiple entertaining enhancements in an eBook. As a result of consistent progress in eBook technologies, these enhancements are increasingly possible in digitized versions.


However, they are limited to specific eBook devices and apps. These enhancements in the eBook should always be in line with the central idea of the story. As an example, for a book about music history, the reader should have access to music files that he can play at desired moments in the eBook. Similarly in e-cookbooks, publishers can embed recipe video links for enhanced user experience.


Fundamental Features of Multimedia ePub eBooks:

  • Flexible Cover Page – An enhanced eBook carries a flexible cover pages which is empowered to fit perfectly into any size of eBook. So, no matter the size of device, your eBook cover would look great on it.
  • Users can embed media-rich audio, video and interactive files in the eBook.
  • Make you eBook even more interesting with Internal Linking – Index Formatting with Appropriate Tagging and Linking features/
  • Provide External Links – Implement Journals/Articles, Bibliographic Citations, Links etc. for enhanced reading experience.
  • Fully hyper-linked TOC – Table of Content for the user to immediately jump onto a particular chapter/page in no time.
  • Searchable Text Files for in-book search-ability.
  • Proofing of Images and Illustrations, making them look fabulous on the digitized counterparts.


In nutshell, though an eBook is a digital snapshot of a (printed) book, an enhanced eBook is far ahead of being so. It adds multimedia and interactive features to a plain eBook story and function more like an app that allows doing a lot more than plainly scrolling down the book story. Hopefully this brief guide has provided you some useful insights into how enhanced ePubs can increase the cut through for your content.


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The Wonders of Tablets in Education – Educational Apps for Kids

Educational Apps for Kids

Let parents feel more positive about tablets than just games!

Children apps are highly successful for educational purposes. On the basis of various studies and researches, educational institutions world over are going tab-savvy.

In comparison to conventional teaching methodologies, students using iPad or similar gadgets are more motivated, engaged and attentive to the curriculum taught through the medium.

It has been observed that as it comes to engaging students, it is not the content but the format that matter the most. Children book conversion services have aided in Tablets’ success in replacing text books has resulted into specialized apps for educational purposes. These apps are not limited to a particular stream and the educators are using them for teaching purposes.

Educational apps are highly successful at getting students started and building their interest in the subject matter. As a result the student spends more focused time into the studies.

Educators have pointed out many pros of the digital books. It is extremely easy to update educational content and assignments on the digital books. The high resolution audio – video files in children book for iPhone or children book for iPad demonstrate and reinforce concepts in an unprecedented way. They offer students to not only learn but interact with the material they are learning.

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ePublishing Trend In Children’s Books Thrives

children books conversion services

Children books conversion

Last year in 2011, publishing revenues for children’s books rose substantially, while ePublishing and digital books made astonishing gains, as stated by BookStats, an alliance of the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group.

The year 2012 promises more of the relentless march of digital technology, overwhelming the readers with many offerings that keep them from struggling to discover new eBooks with similar charm after they finish a groundbreaking series.


The young-adult category is particularly promising and robust when it comes to eBook Conversion as a result of bestseller franchises and solid crossover readership. Many young-adult books when convert to ePub and available to be accessed on any of the eReaders are read as much by grown-ups as they are by teens.


Mobile apps have already shown their potential for students with special learning needs. There are many apps presently available that are benefitting students with disability and special learning needs.


With evolving technologies like Read Aloud Fixed Layout Books or KF8 fixed layout for children books, the promoters and special educators working in the field have already realized their potential and working to bridge the educational gaps in children with learning issues. They are much ahead of the conventional education leaders and helping children with special learning needs use tablets and apps early on.


As an example, children and individuals suffering from autism spectrum disorder are using smart phone apps for developing skills and resolving day to day activities. In many cases these apps give voice to those with no language or language delays. Apart from this these apps help improve their fine motor skills thence writing and manipulating small objects becomes easier for children with special education needs. This is perhaps one of the most concrete evidences of the benefits of tablets for educational purposes.


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Convert Your Text or ePubs to MOBI Pocket Format

Kindle Conversion Services

MobiPocket (Kindle) Conversion

ePub and MOBI are the two most renowned formats used by the eBook publishers. ePub is an open eBook standard format and on the other hand MOBI was initially used by Mobi Pocket Reader before Amazon acquired it. In recent times, the most famous reading device for reading the eBooks is Amazon Kindle Fire. This device is available at cheaper rates. This device has a large user base and is considered to be the best android eBook device till date.


The only problem that is faced by the Amazon Kindle users is that it supports MOBI eBook format. The reason behind it is that MOBI eBook format has the ability to protect eBooks and this feature is not supported by the ePub. If you have purchased eBooks which are in ePub formats and recently made a transition to Kindle Fire then do not think that your previous purchase has become useless. You can easily convert ePub to MOBI through eBook Conversion Services.


The eBook Conversion Services help you to convert your eBooks from any format to any format of your choice. Coupled with an easy to use interface, these eBook Conversion Services will convert the files in bulk, if you have a large set of eBooks and do not want to waste your time converting them one by one.


Why Mob Pocket Format is perfect for eBooks?


  • It is compatible with various other different reading platforms like Blackberry, Symbian smartphones, Windows based smartphones, Kindle plus many other eBook devices.
  • It is also obedient with open standard formats such as OEB and XHTML
  • Most importantly it is a secured format as it has the ability to protect the eBooks having Digital Rights Management System ensuring protection from copyrights.


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‘Read Aloud’ Fixed Layout Books

Read-Aloud Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

One of the amazing ways to download and read the books is through iBooks app which alters the simple piece of reading into something purely delightful. You can go through your digital library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap on the book which you want to open, spin through the pages with a swipe, and bookmark your favorite passages.

An extension to the fixed Layout ePub format of the books for the iBookstore is Read Aloud Books. They permit publishers to synchronize the text of their Fixed Layout ePub converted book with a narrative audio file. Readers can now listen to the books as they read. The text will get highlighted as the audio file will read the book aloud and turns the pages automatically for the readers. This can be very beneficial for children’s books to improve their reading, speech and language learning.

Converting a book into a Read-Aloud Fixed Layout ePub for iBooks, for sure, can turn a book in a spectacular and exciting experience. Unfortunately, creating a Read-Aloud ePub is not for the inexperienced or novices, as it necessitates precise HTML and CSS coding, and involve a much more detailed format, and complicated processes and workflow.

What’s new about ‘Read Aloud’ Fixed Layout Books?

iBooks 1.3 have added some new features in its Fixed Layout ePub Format. Take a look:

  • It helps your children in enhancing their learning and reading skills with the new read-aloud feature.
  • The read-aloud feature uses a real speaker to read the books for you. It also highlights the text as it reads along. Parents can modify these settings, e.g., they can set them to turn manually to as per the requirement of their children.
  • The read aloud feature makes iBooks more responsive, especially to young readers, engaging them with complex, classical books.
  • These enhanced books now can play audio and video automatically with the book.
  • This new feature fixes the bugs that make some books to open the same page twice.

SunTec Digital specializes in creating Read Aloud Content in Fixed Layout ePub Format for iBooks , with special focus on Read Aloud Feature User Interface,  Media Overlays Structure, Marking Start and End Times in Audio Files, Embedding and Styling Read Aloud Controls, etc.


If you are a publisher or an author planning to create or convert your books into Read Aloud iBooks, please get in touch, or write to us at info@suntecdigital.com.


Reflowable vs. Fixed Layout ePub Conversion for Multiple Column Books

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion

On the basis of content display patterns, digital publication file format can be broadly categorized into two types – reflowable file formats and fixed layout ePub formats. Fixed layout formats look typically the same way pages are typeset for printed books. Herein the digitized versions of books carry just the same appearance as their printed counterparts in the sense of multi-column text layout etc. Various book elements like images, words, columns, paragraphs etc. are positioned at fixed coordinates within the page. A vast majority of PDF files possess fixed layout. However, a few PDFs may also contain extension to make them reflowable.


On the other hand as the name suggests, the reflowable file formats are designed to be displayed on a screen according to its size. Here the page size is not imposed to be displayed in a set pattern or layout. Plain text and HTML files are in reflowable formats. The content is reflowed to optimally adapt to the screen size. Unlike conventional publishing, the user is liberated to choose the font style, font size, margin size, spacing between lines and paragraphs and more. This makes the reading more comfortable for the user. The parameters that set the content display in a set pattern are very device specific. Henceforth it is extremely logical to give reader the liberty to adjust them at reading time.


Though the display patterns of two file formats is pretty clear but how do we assimilate whether fixed layout ePub Conversion or reflowable file format is better for which book type?  Classically a lot of efforts go into conceptualizing the way a book shall be perceived (visually) by its audience. Art designers put in efforts of weeks to conceive how the pages shall display. How its cover page would look? Which font style and size to choose? Images, artwork, page setting, margin size, spacing; each and every element is worked upon with great detail and sureness. Considering this, how justified is it to trash all these efforts and convert into reflowable digital books that display like any other eBook, irrespective of how classic its printed version looked like. Won’t it mean losing reader’s interest for reading experience would never be the same as its printed counterparts do deliver?


Fixed layout ePubs require added attention during the eBook conversion process; fixed layout ePub conversion often more sophisticated and time consuming than standard ePub conversion. The eook conversion specialists at SunTec Digital can easily handle fixed layout ePub conversion for iPad and iPhone. Click HERE to get started!

The “More” of Enhanced ePubs…

Multimedia ePubOften connoted as rich media books, book mashups, enriched, amplified and hybrid books, enhanced eBooks are far ahead the conventional flat digitized versions of printed books.


The core functionality of connecting an enhanced eBook to other (inside as well as outside) resources, enhanced design and display features, image and video embedded in the eBooks make it extremely appealing to the audience.


Rich media and interactivity is provided to the audience who can collect and integrate music, audio-video files, photographs, illustrations, news feeds, background material, etc., in the eBook.


enhanced ePub Conversion Services

Enhanced ePub Conversion

As more and more printed books are available in the digitized formats, authors and publishers are constantly in the lookout to enhance the look and feel of their books so that they can stand out from the crowd.


The enhanced eBook conversion is most suited for the flexible format that allows customizing the page view, size, font style of text, etc., for better display.


Herein searchable text, internal as well as external links, tilt scrolling, flash animations etc. can also be embedded in the conventional linear story. eBook production is very time consuming and difficult, adding enhanced features to it offers additional value to the reader.


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Yesteryears’ Video Games to Today’s Gaming Apps

Apps Development Services

Apps Development Services

Even though the gaming industry is not very old, it has come a long way over a short interval of time.


The computer and video game development industry is believed to age back to mid 1970s. It was only in the year 2007 when it touched whopping $ 10 billion mark (approx.) in United States and emerged as a mainstream industry.


Ever since there’s been no looking back and video game (also referred as interactive entertainment) industry has become a mainstream industry worldwide.


Though the video games of yesteryears were quite humble, today’s kids get to explore three dimensional worlds with supreme quality surround sound, and it is common.


The use of high-tech peripherals and latest technical platforms are marking today’s games that greatly differ from their earlier versions.


Virtual and social networking games are now acting as most preferred gaming platforms. Mobile games are now turning out to be multi-player games as well. The evolution of latest touch screen gadgets has introduced a new beam for game development services.


In today’s scenario, game development is the latest buzzword. Today game development is an integral part of iPhone apps development, iPad apps development and apps development for android based mobile phones.


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