Know Why The Fixed Layout ePub Is Getting All The Eminence

Reflowable or Fixed Layout

The emergence of eBooks has given authors an amazing platform to showcase their work to a broader audience in the easiest way. However, one thing to take care of is the format of your eBook. Authors can choose one of the two layout formats – reflowable layout or fixed layout. The reflowable layout, as the name suggests, approaches the content as floating text and images, precisely arranged as per the screen size. Whereas, the fixed layout format involves a predetermined text and image placement, like PDF files. Each of the two has its uses, advantages, and drawbacks. However, the latter is a more befitting choice for electronic books as it enables creating highly engaging eBooks with a comprehensive design and an image-rich outlook. Children’s book, cookbooks, fashion magazines, graphic novels, travel guides, and other such image-heavy publications are best structured under this format.

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Evergreen Digital Publishing Trends: A Quick Recap

Digital Publishing Solutions

As per Statista, there are over 90 million e-book users and over 30 million e-magazine readers! With such growing numbers, digital publishing is indeed on the rise. It is critical to keep pace with the digital publishing world in order to keep up with the growing audience.

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Reflowable Vs Fixed Format : Think Before You Choose!

Reflowable Vs Fixed Format

Once an author decides to turn his manuscript into an ebook, he needs to take a critical decision of choosing an appropriate format in which the ebook is to be published. There are mainly two types of ebook formats – fixed-layout and standard/reflowable layout. Let’s take a detailed look at both of the formats in order to choose the perfect option for your ebook –

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Is Your eLearning Content Devoid of Interactivity? Read This!

xml conversion services

When ebooks first arrived in the literary market, they were merely electronic copies of the original text. However, the present day ebooks are fully interactive and provide an immersive experience to its readers. The changing face of technology has also led to the rise of elearning culture.

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Should ePub Publishing Be On The Top Of Your To- do List? Find Out Here

ePub publishing

The fast-paced technological advancement has made accessing digital content easier than ever. Just press a few buttons and you are good to go. Owing to the flood of content available online, ease of access and availability of different digital devices, readers have become all the more demanding and difficult to please.

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Are You Following These Killer Strategies To Increase The Readership Of Your Digital Magazine?

Online Magazine Publishing

It’s undebatable that the internet has drastically transformed our reading habits. We have become more at ease with news apps, ebooks, videos live streaming important events and not to forget online magazines. The tech-savvy audience of the 21st century has a huge appetite for online content and digital magazines have become significantly popular at present.

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Digital Content Publishing : Common Myths Debunked

Digital Content Publishing

Reading habits have changed the way it used to be a couple of years ago. A fair number of readers today are switching to screens from print. They are notably spending more time on their smart phones, tablets and laptops as compared to books, newspapers and magazines.

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Transform Employee Training with Corporate Communication App

Corporate communication app

“Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

-Richard Branson

Businesses dedicate a major part of their day in formulating strategies that create a firm ground for their products or services in the buyer’s eye. This often results in overburdening the employees due to which their engagement and motivation needs take a backstep. Little do organizations realize that in order to create valuable lasting relationships with your customers, it is important to first pay adequate attention to your employees: corporate communication.

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Are you using the right XML schema for your business?

XML Publishing Workflow

Business communication apps are dominating various industries worldwide. Everything from the documentation, training manuals and corporate abstracts are being securely exchanged through mobile and cloud-based apps. But due to the complexity of markups and a plethora of standards, making the right choice of an XML standard can be tricky, and as a result, creating structured content too. Continue reading

Voice Animation is going to Redefine Interactive eBooks

Adobe content management software

The age of digital publishing is one of those eras where existing conventions have been challenged over and over again, especially in the past decade. Currently, interactive eBooks meet the criterion of different forms of embedded multimedia like videos, graphics, sounds and images, but as innovation leaps forward this existing convention too is going to change in the coming future.

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