How eLearning Empowers Your Employees!

How eLearning Empowers Your Employees

“In 2016, the global e-learning market was worth 165.36 billion U.S. dollars and is projected to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars at a 5.08 percent CAGR in 2022.” (Statista)

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Publishing eBooks? Do Not Miss These Top 5 Publishing Trends!

ebook publishing platforms

Over the past decade the publishing world has gone through a sea change; thanks to the rise of innovative formats, regulations, and digital platforms. While some of the publishers and authors are riding this new wave of technology, others are skeptical of the emerging trends. In such a scenario it makes sense to analyze the latest trends and find out how these can help publishers, and authors to carve their niche in the publishing industry. It will also help us to get a sense of where the publishing industry headed in the near future. And now, without further ado, here are the top 5 publishing industry trends:

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eBooks For Kids: Opening New Avenues Of Learning!

ebooks for kids/children

When it comes to young readers, parents are often skeptical about putting digital devices like e-readers, tablets, mobile phones into tiny hands. Parents have conflicting views on the impact of tech devices on young readers. Are eBooks good for young minds? Let’s find out:

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eLearning Solutions: A Must-have For Your Workplace!

Elearning Solutions

Remember, when the interactive whiteboards were introduced? How they brought in a remarkable sensation when they replaced the key teaching tools – chalk and duster. Similarly, the innovative online learning tools are making conventional classroom training a thing of the past.

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Why is DRM Important And How To Implement It Right


With the growing popularity of eBooks, digital publication is becoming a much-preferred method of content distribution amongst multiple industries. In fact, according to Statista, the worldwide user penetration for eBooks in the current year is 13%, which is expected to reach 14.6% by the year 2023. As far as the revenue is considered, an annual growth rate of 2.7% (from 2019-2023) is expected to result in a market volume of 15,255 Million US dollars by 2023. Be that as it may, publishers and authors continue to face issues when it comes to maintaining the security and authenticity of the published work. Without proper encryption methods, your eBook is available to anyone and everyone for download with copy and share privileges.

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How To Easily Migrate Your Flash-Based Content To HTML5

Convert Flash to HTML5

“As per an official announcement made by Adobe, Flash will die off post 2020.”

With Adobe announcing that it will only support Flash player until the end of the year 2020, have you thought what will happen to your Flash-based eLearning content?

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Online Digital Publishing Or Conventional Publishing? Lift The Cloud Of Doubt Here!

Online Digital Publishing

If you are new to digital publishing and wondering why it has become a new hype in the industry. Then, the answer is – ease of creation and distribution with added benefits that a conventional publishing model cannot provide. Even the traditional publishers are making a shift towards digital publishing. They have realized that keeping their businesses alive by continuing only with traditional publishing may not be that beneficial to them.

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A Deeper Dive Into Digital Printing: Things You Ought To Know

digital prepress solutions

Digital printing is a new age technique of preparing and producing prints from electronic files. The process involves creating artwork on a computer and then printing it directly onto the material of your choice. It is the perfect alternative to the conventional methods of printing, including letterpress, gravure, flexography, lithography, among a plethora of other methods. Digital printing helps in eliminating most of the mechanical steps required to carry out the traditional printing process, such as making plates, stripping the pieces together, making films and color proofs, to name a few.

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XML: Why Is It The Most Favored Data Conversion Language

Outsource XML Conversion Services

Extensible Markup Language (XML) has emerged as the most favored language for data conversions. It structures the document in a reader-friendly manner while creating systematic formats that contribute in easy and reliable sharing of the structured data through different online and offline networks.

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5 Sure-Shot Tips To Be Successful With Digital Publishing

Digital Content Creation

In this fast pacing digital era, the demand for digital content is drastically increasing and so is the digital content creation market. This has led to many authors shifting to a new and better form of publishing – digital publishing. Readers of today prefer to read online rather than having a print copy, resulting in the expanding digital publishing market. However, when it comes to publishing your work online, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. It involves certain guidelines which need to be followed to achieve successful results.

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